Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Guest Blog: Greetings Patriots from Palin Smith Conservative Roundup

Below is a roundup of Conservative events being held this week. Complied and submitted by Palin Smith. Opinions are that of Palin Smith and do not necessarily reflect that of Insider Staff.
If you want to attend the CCDL Gun Rights Rally at the State Capitol Saturday at Noon and don’t have a ride, be advised there are several buses reserving seats, and car pools in the process of being formed. To find a ride or volunteer to drive a full vehicle, follow this link, which is also the Face Book invite to the event.

And there still is plenty of time to print out the PDF of the flyer and post it around your town. Be sure to go back and remove them next week.

Last Saturday at the Connecticut Restoration Coalition  http://ct-rc.org/   meeting at KING 33 in Southington, the sister of the baker who created the cake “seen ‘round the world” attended for the first time. This video tells her story.

The Connecticut Republican Party is set to present an award to Senate Minority Leader, John McKinney, at the dinner. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has been booked as the keynote speaker.
If you remember, conservative Tea Party favorite, Walker, handily won a costly recall election last year. This is what can happen in a formerly “blue” state when a good conservative takes the helm of the Republican Party. Walker brought the establishment Republicans together with the Tea Party Conservatives in a stunning victory.
Walker had attracted the ire of unions and national Democrats after transforming Wisconsin into a right to work state. Many Tea Party friends from Connecticut traveled to Wisconsin at their own expense to aid in that campaign.
There is an opportunity to unite established Republicans in Connecticut with conservatives and Tea Party Patriots. Many RTC Chairmen, including those in Enfield and Woodbury, have voiced their intentions to boycott the Prescott Bush Dinner over the announced award being presented to Sen. John McKinney. Most Republicans are highly disappointed with McKinney’s actions during the gun control debate. His vote was observed as trampling on the 2nd Amendment!
If you resent the Senator’s apparent lapse of judgment, you can make your opinion heard in the following manner:
1. Call Chairman Jerry Labriola at the GOP HQ      860-422-8211
2. Call Governor Walker’s office in Madison          608-266-1212
You can call your town RTC chair to find his or her position as well
Faxes and emails are also appropriate.
We do not intend to do damage to the CT Republican Party. The Party has been adept at self-infliction. Perhaps we can learn from this moment in time to follow Governor Walker’s leadership. As a gesture to unite the Party with the people.
I remember a scene from the Academy Award winning movie, BRAVEHEART.
Let us resolve that the Connecticut Republican Party will never again be subjugated to the whims of weak leadership or misguided bi-partisanship!
It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds. (Samuel Adams)
Pass the matches……
Palin Smith
PS Watch for one final eblast before Saturday’s Rally.

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