Thursday, March 21, 2013

Washington St. Development Protest

Yesterday,  The Middletown Insider received an e-mail asking: "Why aren't you folks running the video that shows last week's Landino protest?"

 Answer: We didn't know there was a video(s), but once we responded to our reader about not having knowledge of this piece of video, the reader quickly provided us with three links. 

Here are 4 videos (the fourth we found on our own) that show the Washington Street Development Protest.


  1. Are there videos of Ed's porch hissy fit?

  2. The big boy mayor, just lost the north end. I'm really hoping they get a decent person to run against him. He has either changed, gotten drunk with power, showing his true colors, or all of the above. Either way can't see him winning again. And he's been lucky because the democratic controlled papers have been going easy on him.

  3. The mayor didn't lose the North end as they will vote democratic no matter what happens. Same thing goes for the Village district.

  4. Bill, I'm from the village district. Believe me, people are rethinking him. When you're the mayor, being a dem isn't an automatic. As for the rest of the slate, yes, it's always leaned that way. The mayor has the spotlight on him, and its not a postive one at the moment.

  5. I sit back and laugh when I see the mayor screwing people over that he doesn't have a clue, have very strong political ties to this city. The north end and village district was an awful move, with the MX zone smoke show. But how would he know? He has no clue, and is riding the coat tales of the real politicians in charge, which are leading Drew like a sheap to slaughter.
    It's only a matter of time until they spit him out to the curb. And he's to high on his ego trip to fully understand.
    Middletown politics ....always evolving. If people thought McMouths fiasco was awful. This show will top that act.


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