Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Today's Insider is Brought to You By the Letters F for Fudget & A or Appropriations

Mayor Dan Drew will be giving his Fudget address on Thursday, March 28, 2013, at 7 pm. in the Council Chamber.
Last years budget increased taxes and had a fiscal year with a record number of monthly Appropriations requested by almost every single department at some point during the fiscal year. Ie "we didn't want to shock the public into thinking we needed even more money so the Mayor didn't include certain line items style appropriations".  Mayoral aide Joseph Samolis better tie those sneakers tight! Samolis will have to throw Dannyboy over his shoulder and carry him out of the Chambers before anyone can ask questions 'cause this budget is gonna be a doozey of Big Dannel Malloy caliber!
Oh Baby, it Hurts so Good! So just how much will Mayor Drew raise your taxes this year? How many times will he use the phrase "together as a community" to justify his raising of your taxes
 If you are at home  sipping a mint julep while the Mayor gives this televised address and take a drink every time Mayor Drew lies, will you be standing by the end? Will we be able to see Councilman Tom Serra's lips moving while Drew speaks? 
 To quote another veteran councilman "It's for the children!"

Depression Era Blues

Insider Suggested Complimentary Playlist: 

1.: "Hurt So Good" by  John Cougar Mellencamp

2.  "Danny Boy" covered by Andy Williams

3. "Blame the BOE Increase Shuffle" by Big Tommy and Lil' D

4. "Mo Yo Money, No Problems" by  the Notorious T.A.X.

5.  "Every Breath You Take" covered by Ed McKeon & 
The Village People

6. "Your Spin Me Right Round" by The Mess, with back up vocals by the Democratic Town Committee Ol' Boys Club Choir. Belabored introduction by former chairman Com. Dan Russo

7. "Knock Three Times (On Your Front Door)" by Ed McKeon & Fishmuscle.

8. "Justify My Pay" by Community Health Center CEO Mark Masselli with instrumentals by Meriden Mayor Mike Rohdes

9. "I can Be Your Hero"  The damage control remix, acapella by Joe Samolis, with special dedication to Mayor Drew, Spanish lyrics by Rep. Matt Lesser

10. Banish the Budget Blues'
1930, words and music by Jack Lumsdaine
Regal Record G20758
Sung by Art Leonard
The first page of  Australian Prime Minister James Scullin’s  budget speech, delivered in July 1930, set the scene of worldwide economic depression.
Introduction For years we’ve sung about the blues, since ragtime first began
The blues for old Kentucky, and the blues for Alabam
But a brand new blues is with us, if you read the daily news
Mister Scullin wrote it and it’s called the budget blues
But here’s an antidote so let us sing
This little chorus till the rafters ring
Chorus Banish the budget blues, spread the happy news
Good times are coming, keep on humming
Whether you win or lose, put on your running shoes
Give it a smile, get over the stile and banish the budget blues
Patters There’s a tax on hats, a tax on boots, a tax on women’s clothes
A tax on all the little things that only a married man knows
Tax on pictures, tax on punters when they back a winner
And now they’re going to tax the bookies, when they get a skinner
A tax on bags, a tax on fags, a tax on wooden legs
To provide the old age pension for the grocer’s new laid eggs
There’s a tax on whisky, a tax on beer, but by the heavens above
What will all the taxis do if they put a tax on love?
So let us all be happy and we won’t care a jot
If we sing this little chorus they can take the bally lot

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