Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tyler Perry's Madea comes to the CHC! (Without the FBI)

Madea to Visit Community Health Center

Press Release from United Artists and Tyler Perry

Middletown - Mayor Daniel T. Drew and the Middletown Chamber of Commerce is proud to announce that award winning author, comedian, friend of Oprah and actor Tyler Perry have agreed to lens the newest Madea film,  Madea Hangs out at the Community Health Center, in Middletown.  Perry has starred as the pocket book yielding, wise cracking grandmother character on numerous TBS shows and films.
“I wrote this film with Middletown in mind in order to focus on the money issues that are plaguing the Community Health Center,  if all goes well I hope to film a followup, Madea goes to Kidcity in the fall,” said Perry an avid churchgoer and native of New Orleans.   “In the old neighborhood a youthful African American male can go to jail for stealing $100.00 from a laundry mat.  If you are white and run a non-profit organization, it’s okay to steal due that person’s value system.  I know this guy once from CT who ran the CHC who used to say, ‘I deserve the $601,000 year because I help people’, but come on that’s highway robbery.” Perry, the star of the thriller Alex Cross said yesterday at a luncheon at The Cantina.  
According to United Artists, the music for the film will be conducted by various groups from The Buttonwood Tree with a few soundtrack titles already available on ITUNES: I Love to take 4 months off from Work (Dalai Lama); U Are Poisoning the City;  J. Edgar Hoover Blues, and I should really be giving a  LOT of money back (Hypocrite Democrat song).


  1. The MI is hysterical. That was almost believable! I think this is just the tip of the ice burg. There is so much more funny business going on. That's way the politicians having been putting there picks all over town to protect their investments. They want people in power that won't ask questions. Does lower the standards and increase the pay ring any bells? The Feds should and hopefully will look deeper.

  2. THey went to the OLYMPICS one year!! Crazy, huh??

    MM's salary also increased when it was time to send a son to college.

  3. Get the information on Mark Masselli's pension from CHC. His 300K payment was for service before 1989. Imagine the pension benefits he has accrued from 1989 going forward. Not bad for $6,800 in campaign contributions. Mark Marselli should be laughed out of town as a greedy crook.

  4. It's interesting that little mayor drew has kept silent on this issue. He has a position on everything so when he doesn't comment it makes you think........what is HE hiding?

  5. About 20 years ago, Billy Corvo exposed MANY impropritories in this and other ventures Mr Maselli was involved with(Nehamia Housing) At the time the Dems swept it all under the carpet. I would love to see some the articles from the old Middletown Bulliten, that Mr corvo published, re surface.

  6. What the hell is the EYE doing duirng this? Right, pointing fingers at Republicans who jaywalk!!!

    BLUE HOUSE forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Someone told me Former State Rep. Jim O'Rouke works for the CHC. Wow this place must be a real Hacks dumping ground.

  8. O'Rourke is currently working at THE CoNNECTION, the organization that Blue House LLC outbid in order to keep the SOBER house out of the neighborhood.


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