Thursday, February 14, 2013

BOE, Surveys, and Good Things!

Middletown School Superintendent  Patricia Charles is asking parents and staff to complete a online survey on if the district should recall classes on Tuesday or make them up at a later date.

Good job Superintendent, BOE Administration, & Elected! - this is a positive step in communication!

We wanted to wait until the ACTUAL Date, but we are so smitten tomorrow being Valentine's Day and all, we can't hold it in...
And who says this blog doesn't report positive things?
Our 1st post & graphic almost a year ago!
February 22, 2012
 Happy Almost Birthday Middletown Insider Blog!
And Happy Re-birth BOE! We are Proud!
You've come along way baby!


  1. The City should follow the BOE's lead. How about a survey about how the snow operations were deployed and handled as part of Phil Pessina's after incident report?

  2. I actually think that is a great idea. Will it be followed though with, that is another thing.

  3. I agree it could be a useful tool if people put their egos aside.

  4. OMG "It's for the KIDS!" that is so friggin funny.. OMG!! YOu guys need to keep this up.. FOr the kids


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