Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Your Daily Spin from the Middletown Mess: Dante's Inferno of Insanity

Former Senator Len Suzio (R) tried to stop early release of violent criminals and people balked. Now his predecessor is chatting up principals about safety in schools but failing to address the real issue as you and Suzio speak of. Check out the fluff piece in the Mess Tuesday regarding freshmen Democrat Senator Dante Bartolomeo's visit to Middletown's Farm Hill Elementary. Senator Bartolomeo (D) has jumped on her party's bandwagon of preaching anti violence (as if there any politician that actually preaches violence really, that's like being anti education, or anti sunshine) in schools to rub elbows and get some photo ops. If a conservative did this the media would call it exploitation of a tragedy, but since it is a democrat doing it it is dubbed good PR! The article cites poor school design & not enough cameras as a reason why there could be problems with safety- is someone pushing for a school project eh?

Also- didn't there used to be an SRO - school resource officer at Middletown High School? He tased a student after the student struck him- some parents and BOE members cried foul and the officer was pulled out? So NOW we want officers in all our schools to guard students now that Democrat politicians are calling for them? People decided  then tasers = bad,  now guns = worse, so what the officers will be armed with fuzzy foam spatulas? If  think you are confused you are not alone.
Suzio at a press conference last spring to explain proposed reforms to the early release of violent offenders.
 Gosh, we miss you!
Senator Suzio (R), former13th District representative for Middletown, Middlefield, Durham and Meriden, lead the fight to stop the early release of violent criminals before time served citing a plethora of instances of these criminals going on to commit more violent crimes when released. He and supporters of revised measures where met with resistance from Democrats in the legislature. Instead of addressing the issue of the high level of  violent offenders recommitting crimes when released, Bartolomeo skirts the issue and takes the argument that many Democratic politicians in Connecticut  (especially those in power around Ol' M-town) do of hurling large amounts of money at a problem with small fixes- cameras, staffing, guards- and crossing their fingers hoping something works.

These solutions are being offered to give a false sense of protection. These are  no real solutions at all,they are a few costly tactics to delay getting to the root of the real issues. Those real issues are the broken penal system, coupled with failures in mental health services to actually get help to those most in need & diligently protect people from those individuals - for whatever reason - seek to do harm & put the public's safety at risk-

According to Albert Einstein: Whats the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over and getting the same crappy result yet expecting something different!!

Sounds like hell. Speaking of, seem's like Dante has brought us to the first circle on our way to the trap of circular reasoning- everything old and used before is new again - cameras, buzzers, task forces,community conversations etc. etc. - and we the citizens will suffer in the repetitive cycle of tossing  tax dollars at redundant, and failed antidotes disguised as plausible solutions to multi-faceted problems with no simple magic fixes.


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