Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Letter to the Editor: Response to Mayor Drew's Stance on Gun Control

   This was originally published in January and it being republished in light of the vote taking place today at the state capital to limit 2nd Amendment rights.

  Below is a letter to the editors of the Insider in response to Mayor Dan Drew's statements in the Middletown Patch regarding his feelings on gun control in regards to the Sandy Hook shooting tragedy. Read Drew's statements here: 
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     This reply is written in response to Mayor Drew's position points in supporting a ban on semiautomatic weapons as a deterrent to future heinous crimes.I applaud his interest in joining other Mayor's,nationally,I believe the argument is best supported by using a multi-pronged approached,not just weapons restrictions.I am referring to the lack of institutions to care for the mentally disturbed,as well as a revision of senseless violent video and computer games coming from Hollywood,etc.This country has many gun restriction laws on the books, as evidenced by assault weapons legislation written by Vice President Biden that has gone unenforced as of 2004!

As to Newtown.......In my opinion what averted further bloodshed was the fact that armed law enforcement was closing in on Adam and that is when he took his own life,because they were armed!

The NRA can easily make the case for semiautomatic weapons as being mandatory for small business owners in high crime areas.

A Comprehensive Corrective Plan of action has to include:
1.better enforcement of existing gun laws,2.Mental Institutions have to be allowed to keep violent offenders,as well as those who "threaten society" longer than a three-week observation period!!,and 3.impose controls over violent video games,etc,and not only by adopting ratings.

Please do not fall into the trap of more gun control Laws that cannot be enforced.

Paul Dodge


  1. Drew had no business sticking his nose in this. I voted for him, but no longer believe his rhetoric. Thanks Paul for being the upstanding citizen we all nedded.

  2. Well done Mr. Dodge!

  3. Couldn't have said it better myself.

  4. Hearing that A LOT as of late. " I voted for him, but not again!"

  5. Isn't this topic a bit advanced for someone who can't do the basics like get the streets plowed?


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