Thursday, January 24, 2013


Today we received our 999 published comment!  Will you be our 1,000th commenter?
Speaking of 999- tis tax season!  Federal taxes went up this year and the mil rate in Middletown is destined to go up atleast 2.4 mils or more! That's  at minimum $480 MORE out of your pocket in the name of Ol' M-town if your house is valued at $200,000.
Middletown + City Fire    32.70
Middletown - South Fire    3.648
Middletown - Westfield Fire    1.237
Middletown - City Fire    5.80
Middletown    26.90 So with the hike Democrats have caused, a home valued at 200k ( not counting cars) will bring in at least  $6,460.00 in taxes! Renters- you aren't in the clear- you can bet landlords will have to pass this burden on to you as well.
Speaking of taxes and 999 - Remember the Herman Cain 9-9-9 plan?

Cain stated the following summary about the 9–9–9 Plan:
"Our current economic crisis calls for bold action to truly stimulate the economy and Renew America back to its greatness. The 9–9–9 Plan gets Washington D.C. out of the business of picking winners and losers, using the tax code to dole out favors, and dividing the country with class warfare. It is fair, simple, transparent and efficient. It taxes everything once and nothing twice. It taxes the broadest possible base at the lowest possible rates. It is neutral with respect to savings and consumption,capital and labor, imports and exports and whether companies pay dividends or retain earnings."[1]


  1. Unfortunately, the "wealthy" who are supposed to be taxed are not ... their wealth was already made and spent on investments ... the Income Taxes that are being raised only prevent more people from earning wealth ... We have been played ... We protected the "wealthy" who then sold us out in order to protect THEIR wealth and have us taxed to keep us in our "place" ... wanna know why we have stopped fighting? ... takeaguess

  2. You haven't seen anything yet. Drew was kind enough to freeze the taxes on seniors. Who is going to pay for the short fall in loss revenue - Everyone else. Also just wait till the new assesments take hold. The market is NO WHERE near where it was 5 years ago. Manchester saw a huge tip in their assessments this past year - their mill rate went up 4.5mil. Lets not forget used car values are not going down like they use to in years past either. We can only HOPE that the mill rate only goes up 2.5.

  3. Drewster went door 2 door complaining that Julinano cost the city "tons of money with regard to the BOE FIASCO/Lawsuits", and told everyone who would listen that he wouldn't raise taxes. This guy has 8 votes on the Common Council so don't blame the Republicans for the stupid budget. Juliano had his own budget which actually lowered taxes a few years back but that was rejected by the DEMS. During the Drew tenure, REpublicans Linda and Deb had their own budget too, one that Pessina helped helped them with. Once it came to the floor Pessina bagged his own people and voted against his OWN budget.. YIKES! What deal did he make?

  4. Herman Cain was a riot on Pauley Shore's latest comedy special on HBO/SHowtime or wherever... Shore even spoke about Cain's 999 plan during his comedy tour. Former RNC Michael STeel also appears on the program

  5. Was John Milardo on salary as a manager and changed to overtime/ Please Bill wilson report this........stop the b s and seek the truth?

  6. I got 99 problems and the b**** ain't one! Go Insider!


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