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Letter to the Editor: Councilwoman Salafia Talks Frechette & BOE

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Dear Middletown Insider,
     I attended a meeting of the Insurance and Claims Commission; the regular monthly meeting held at 7:00 p.m. On the agenda was an executive session:  discussion regarding settlement of claim City of Middletown - Board of Education former School Superintendent pursuant to sections 1-200 (6) (A) and 1-225 of the Connecticut General Statutes, as amended.
     This item was on the previous month's agenda although a different section of the CGS was cited and at that time I objected to the section cited as it indicated discussion of pending litigation and this was to be discussion of an already completed settlement agreement.  I abstained from the Executive Session at that time.  The result of last month's session was to postpone to this month's meeting.     
     This month the Executive Session was pursuant to personnel issues.  Again I abstained from the discussion and session - I actually left the room so do no know what was actually said in the executive session.
      After the executive session was closed, the regular meeting resumed and a motion was made and passed by Councilpersons Faulkner and Kasper to approve what was discussed during the executive session.
     Although I did not participate in the discussion and the resultant motion, what happened tonight was that the Insurance and Claims Commission agreed to make a payment to the former Superintendent of Schools per his severance agreement with the Board of Education from the Insurance and Claims fund  or at least to reimbursement the BOE for the payment (same thing).  Apparently there is a non-disclosure clause (although I have to take the word of those in the know) in the severance agreement with the BOE and Dr. Frechette that prohibits the release of the details of his "package" for leaving his position as Superintendent of Schools.  But whatever payments were agreed to by the Board of Education are now being paid for from the Insurance and Claims fund of the City of Middletown.  At least it's not the General Fund.
     I am and was opposed to this - should not have been done in executive session and should not have been charged to the insurance and claims fund either.  Also, I am hearing rumors that Dr. Frechette is still receiving payments for consulting on issues at the BOE at the rate of $300.00 per hour with a two hour minimum.  I plan to request the details and history of any of such payments made as i  was under the belief that his exit agreement that I saw indicated that he would be available for consultation for the court case between the City and BOE which has/ was settled awhile ago now. (Therefore no more payments since the settlement {and appropJust riation by the CC to pay the BOE for said settlement}).

Just an FYI to the Middletown Insider after our meeting tonight. 
Linda Salafia
Councilperson - R


  1. Linda,
    why don't you ask for all the payments that are still being made to Dr. Larson? Why is HE still being paid - Dr. Charles has been on the payroll for several months, at a much higher salary than Dr. Frechette was paid. Does Middletown need 2 superintendents?

  2. The consulting fee is for any pending or future litigation. There are several active lawsuits against the BOE, including the one where the teacher was arrested for having sex with a student that happened under Nocera's watch when he was principal.

  3. Maybe this is why the BOE has a $800 thousand shortfall in their budget.

  4. Dear ANON:

    I follow things and you may know that the Common Council has litte or not authority over the board of education especially once their budget is in check. The current Board uses approximatley 71% of the town's monies for (drum-roll) whatever they want. Why do you think they were pissed at Giulino? Stte Statute 10-220 protects these money pirates as they waste the kids' money and play the blame game over and over again. Your questions should be directed to Gene Nocera, Ed McKeon, and Teddy "I used city money to send my kid to a Cape Code school" Razcka.

  5. We need more women on Council! The 3 on there really are so much smarter than the men!

  6. C'mon villagers, don't be naive! The City and BOE cut this deal ages ago. Puppeteer Serra and Puppet Drew wanted Frechette gone so they got the BOE to do their dirty work by agreeing to cover the cost of the settlement. This has not been a well kept secret.

    Watch who the next athletic director will less than Jason Serra, who didn't stand a chance as long as Frechette was there, and now that he's out of the way, that little "anger management" issue that little Serra had won't stand in the way of his getting the job. This is why Puppeteer Serra offered to pay to get rid of Frechette.

  7. I don't think Gene Nocera likes the "S" family too much, but who knows stranger things have happened to the town in the middle.

    Budget time! Wait here is how it works: The Super will create a faux scenario that usually revolving around cutting some program for the kids. "They are going to cut music!" or "They are going to cut freshmen football." It's always the same, and then the CC gives the BOE more money who in turn hides behind 10-220 and does anything they want with it.. Forensic Audit my ass! That would take a year. Ask Gene or Ed or Ryan where the money is? The same old answers.. Oh well, it's your BOE you voted for them.

  8. why was Serra strutting around BOE offices last year bragging how he "owned" nocera?

  9. Dear ANON 8:14:

    How do we know that this is true? Come on, why would he brag about it? Makes no sense at all, isn't it easier to control from afar and keep your name out of it, whatever it may be? That is more the style of the local power Dems these days. On the other hand you may be absolutely right.

  10. there are four women on the council fyi

  11. Nocera does appear to be a pawn of the city fathers.

  12. Why did you walk out of a closed discussion? Can you explain the motivation - or the connotation?

  13. The councilwoman writes she walked out it, appears, because she was opposed to this meeting taking place in a closed session out of the view and criticism of the public.

  14. But had she stayed -couldn't she have reported to the public what was discussed?

    Im not judging- just trying to understand. If my voice was a minority- and I'm only fussing that by your articles in MI - it would seem to weaken your voice by not being present- and you'd loose information about the topics discussed?

  15. As long as Middletown continues to vote staus quote this is what it deserves. The one's who suffer are the taxpayers year in and year out who's taxes continue to climb. I would expect a one mill increase at the least this coming May when the budget is adopted.

  16. The rules about reporting what is discussed in a executive session may violate some charter thing- but good point anonymous

  17. Dear ANON:

    I think the Mtwn BOE is missing more than $800 K .. Don't forgot the missing 1,000,000 that they lost last year. You know what? What's a million between friends.. Give it up 4 the kids.


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