Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Middletown Families on National TV Discuss 'Scream Rooms'

  Isolation rooms are used by Connecticut schools, but became the center of debate when Apryl Dudley PTA President at Farm Hill  brought the mis-use of these rooms to the public's attention leading Middletown Board of Education to investigate as well as state agencies. The media dubbed these room 'scream -rooms' after people came forward after hearing screams of children and the alledged locking of students in these rooms. Union 466 Vice President Jeff Daniels stated his staff had cleaned urine and blood from the room at Farm Hill. This former janitor's closet which had an unlocked electrical cabinet inside, and had been used as an isolation room. Superintendent at the time was Michael Frechette who's contraint has not been renewed as a result of this controversy and many others the Insider previsously covered.

  The segments feature parent Jane Flanders Majewski who has a child with Autism, and her family's plight in dealing with local Special Education Services, Board of Education Administration, and the State Dept. of Education trying to get an appropriate plan of individualized education in place for her son and proper training for aides who are often unprepared regarding safety techniques. It was discovered by state investigation that a Middletown aide had used an unlawful restraint technique with Majewski's son. The Insider would like to commend Majewski, Dudley and other families for being brave enough to come forward and advocate for special needs students.
“Good Morning America”is broad cast at 7 a.m., “World News” at 6:30 p.m., “Nightline” is at 11:35 p.m. and the segments will be featured during each.

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