Thursday, November 01, 2012

Kleckowski Has Independent Voter Support

To the Editor:
     I should point out that one of the reasons I am an Independent is that I agree with different points on both sides. As a member of Middletown’s Independent Party, I was in attendance at the meeting when my party voted in favor of endorsing Deborah Kleckowski for State Representative of the 100th District over the incumbent.
     In her acceptance, Deb said, “This nomination is important because I believe the issues are community-based and not party-based and we all need to work to ensure the problems that we face are reconciled through solutions and not party ideology.”
     These are my sentiments exactly. Deb is a Middletown taxpayer and homeowner. She is the mother of twin boys, and her husband, Tom, is a small business owner in Middletown, and a Navy veteran.
     Deb is in touch with the day-to-day issues that we all face each day. Deb is a two-term councilwoman and holds a job as an adjunct professor at Middlesex Community College. Deb volunteers her time as an advocate for Middletown residents like you and me.
     I’m voting for Deb Kleckowski because she actively supports suspension of the state’s early prison release program and she actively supports reduction of the state tax on gasoline.
     Deb was on the forefront, relentlessly pursuing the Middletown Board of Education in regards to the “scream rooms” as well as the debacle of the BOE's financial well-being.
     During Storm Alfred, Deb placed her political hat aside and did right by the citizens of Middletown by volunteering diligently at the shelter at Middletown High School. After spending hours at the shelter she still persevered in keeping up with her job at MXCC, her family needs and her duties as a councilwoman.
     Deb Kleckowski is a huge advocate for special needs students and their families.  It is one thing to “be on” and/or “support” an education committee. It is another to “act on” ones principles and get the job done like Deb does!
     Now I know that there are a few organizations within Middletown who have backed Deb’s opponent, even though it was Deb who was the one that went to bat for them. To this I simply say, when you vote, consider whether you want someone who will help you get things done or just support the effort?
     We need a representative for the 100th District who understands the issues Middletown residents are concerned with and who will go to bat for them regardless of party politics.
     If you want fiscal responsibility, vote for Deb Kleckowski. If you want a person who is a true advocate for her constituents, vote for Deb Kleckowski! As a resident of Middletown, I for one would be honored to be one of Deb’s constituents.
Christine Carta, Middletown, Independent Party member

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