Monday, October 22, 2012

Winsley: DeLauro Shows her True Colors During Debate

Press Release from Wayne Winsley for Congress:
DeLauro Shows Her True Colors During Debate
NAUGATUCK, CONN – October21: Wayne Winsley, committed candidate to represent all of the citizens of CT’s 3rd Congressional District, today released the following statement.

During the debate televised on Face the State, incumbent DeLauro says “My opponent doesn’t understand how congress works”. When asked why she voted to recognize two tablespoons  of tomato paste as equal to a serving of fruits or vegetables for our school children even though she knows the concept is ridiculous and absurd.

On Nov. 22nd 2011 Incumbent DeLauro is quoted in the New Haven Independent as saying,
“Considering pizza a vegetable and considering it paired with a side of French fries a healthy meal for children is absurd.”

Not only did DeLauro vote for the measure, she admits during the debate that she was actually the Chair of the committee that brought it to the floor. Her excuse was that the bill also contained money for food stamps and WIC. Apparently, the logic is that the parents getting the food stamps and WIC should vote for the incumbent and ignore the fact that she totally threw their children under the bus.

While I haven’t been in congress for half my life, I understand enough to know that unlike incumbent DeLauro, I will have the courage and  integrity to stand up and do the right thing for ALL of the people, not just the ones I think will  vote  for me.  Continued:

We also learned that the incumbent claims to have actually read the Affordable Care Act before proudly voting for it.
Yet, she seemed to have no clue that part of the new law will discourage or even discontinue the PSA prostate cancer screening for men under age 50 because of a D rating by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF).

That screening by the way is what saved my life a year ago. I had aggressive prostate cancer and didn’t know it.   
Since prostate cancer is both more common and more aggressive in African America men, I asked the incumbent what she would say to all those young men, especially all of those young black men like me who are now potentially at greater risk of death because of the health care act she so proudly voted for.
DeLauro literally says that these dead men walking should still vote for her.

This is the representation that the third district has had for a generation.
We can do better. It is time for new and effective representation for all of the people of the third district. Republicans, Democrats, and Unaffiliated we all deserve better.

  As your next representative, I - Wayne Winsley - will work hard to serve the citizens of the Third Congressional with forthrightness, honor, and integrity.


  1. Oh, please. You'd wipeout important legit talkathon due to a small bit of silliness? That'd be terrible in Washingon. You don't get how it's done.

  2. Ugh, autocorrect! Legit talkathon is legit legislation. Sorry.


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