Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Mudslinging Drew Condemns Suzio, Ignores Presence of Lesser & Bartolomeo

Mayor Drew and Mayor Rohde sling mud campaigning on the taxpayer's dime during work hours.
     Today Democratic Meriden Mayor Michael Rohde, Middletown Mayor Dan Drew, and Candidate & Town Councilwoman for Meriden Dante Bartolomeo held a joint press conference  to denounce state Sen. Len Suzio's campaign for re-election to the 13th District state senate seat as "dirty."
Rohde went on record at the press conference to accuse the Suzio campaign of using push polls as a campaign technique, but admitted he had no proof to tie the calls to the Suzio campaign. Suzio stated the calls did not come from his campaign and he does not condone such calls. Rohde asked Suzio to in some way make it stop, however had no suggestions as to where the calls originated from. Mayor Drew joined in in the false accusations.
It seems Drew has taken to slinging mud  along side candidates even when he himself is not up for election, all at the expense of tax payers who pay his salary. Why Drew has so much time on his hands to campaign for others during the work day, when he should be devoting it to his job, is unclear. While speaking to residents last night at the Westfield Residents Association's candidate forum, Drew ,who was asked to explain upcoming referendum items only, managed to name drop & thank Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro (D) 3x during his explanation of the Mattabasset Sewer district referendum.

At 1:30 pm today Drew and Governor Malloy will campaign with DeLauro during an appearance at a re-dedication ceremony for the Arrigoni Bridge in Portland. This was not announced until this morning, and only state Democrats were invited.

     Bartolomeo issued a campaign press release stating the conference was a joint effort (text copied below).  At the press conference today, Drew made no mention of the fact that Lesser was caught on video at the $1.84 a gallon gas rally held by American's for Prosperity last week. The State Democratic Committee chair filed a complaint against Suzio for alleged vote buying with the State Elections Enforcement Commission. Suzio's challenger for the 13th District Dante Bartolomeo gave a video interview to the New Haven Register at the gas event as well, yet was not named in the complaint.
Suzio Launches inaccurate Push Poll in Effort to Deceive Voters 

WHO:     Middletown Mayor Dan Drew

   Meriden Mayor Michael Rohde

   Dante´ Bartolomeo, City Councilor and State Senate Candidate  

WHAT:    State Senator Len Suzio has stooped to dirty tricks as he attempts to hold onto his Senate seat. The Mayors of Meriden and Middletown will condemn Senator Suzio's tactics, which most recently include resorting to misleading push polling in an attempt to deceive the voters of the 13th Senate District.

WHERE:   Steps of Meriden City Hall

      142 East Main Street, Meriden, CT 06450

 WHEN:    Tuesday, October 23rd; 11:30 A.M.
Jared D. Savas
Campaign Director
Dante for State Senate
(339) 237-0635
Paid for by "Danté For State Senate"    Kieren M. Moore, Treasurer      Approved by Danté Bartolomeo


  1. Soooo, the woman running against Len is holding a press conference to say that Len is bad and the devil and all that, ummm, she was at the Gas Rally as was Lesser..

  2. Drew is doing what? Give me a break!

  3. What I don't understand is why nobody is saying that the deal to settle the grievances is that Hope Kaspers son in law gets a job they created just for him! And NOT ALL OF THE GRIEVANCES WERE SETTLED. Two were sent to arbitration because the mayor refused to settle them. AND, if the democrats had cooperated in the beginning, Seb wouldn't have been fighting the BOE alone - THE DEMOCRATS SUPPORTED RACZKA against Seb. They created this mess. It is their fault.

  4. When one has no issues to run on this is what you get. This is what people hate about politics.

  5. Hope Kasper's Son-In-Law, Josh Burger received an amazing job at the BOE with teacher benefits and he will continue that job.. I hope 466 gets him out of there, it is pretty bad precedent when this happens.. Come on people, Hope is a councilwoman who has her hand out and even though her son-in-law isn't qualified for the position and came in last during the test--- Guess what??? JOB!! Better jobs than everybody else.

  6. Matt Lesser at Gas Rally? I heard he was filling up his car.

  7. Why won't Len Suzio debate Dante in Meriden?

  8. I heard that Len would debate her, but now she is stuck in the mud he can't go onto that area without getting his feet dirty!

  9. Two things to clarify
    Anon 10:01 pm I saw Matt Lesser at the event with others holding Barack Obama signs.

    Second anon 6:32 am
    Len has debated Dante and will debate her again on Oct 30th in Meriden.

    Len has talked about the issues that concern the voters. High taxes, early release program "that has had two killed" and others hurt by the program, and controlling spending in Hartford. That means more to me than these non issues his opponent is bringing up.

  10. I wish there was a PUSHPOLL

    with question such as:

    1) Would you support a mayor that only hits the office twice a week?
    2) Would you support a mayor that let's one of his supporters abuse her position on others during city hall hours?
    3) Do you support a mayor who travel to CHINA without the authorization of the council thus going against the charter?


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