Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Drew To Take 3rd Trip of Year

Drew scheduled to take his third trip in less than a year in office! Will this one also be funded by you? The Insider was the first to break the news of Mayor Dan Drew's secret trip to  $5,000 China on our dime. The mayor has yet to provide a line item expense report or trip itinerary of this trip to the public and any indication of just how it served the greater good. We also informed readers when last spring Drew spent $1,000 of public monies to  meet with CT Representatives Rosa DeLaura and Richard Blumenthal in Washington D.C. to "fast track" the City's acquisition of  property on Mile Lane, called a "surplus federal property." This project had long been a done deal, and the trip really wasn't necessary. Unfortunately the Mayor had not heard of the recent invention of the conference call. This trip was funded by taxpayers. Drew makes frequent trips to Hartford to lobby alongside Councilman Berch, as reported by the Middletown Press. September 4th Dan Drew will join bff Rep. Matt Lesser at the Democratic National Convention in North Carolina to present the Connecticut Democrat's nomination for president. Whether he is in Hartford lobbying, campaigning with Rosa Delauro or Joe Serra, palling around with Big Dan, or shooting the breeze with Matt Lesser, one thing is for sure- Dano isn't at City Hall, let alone most times even within city limits.  Is he ever here? Where is Dano going next?

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