Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Can you say the ONE PERCENT with the wealth?

Wait a minute people!  Can you say: Shoe Company Heir + 193 Million Dollar Senator?  I bet you can.. They are all Democrats, so with all that moola would that qualify them as part of the 1% of the people with the wealth.  Right, it's okay they're Democrats, they can do what they want and not as they preach..

"It wasn’t “fun” work but looking back he thought it was good to do a little manual labor in addition to the unpaid political stuff.  It built character– not that I’ll jump at the opportunity to work in a warehouse again anytime soon,” stated Ben."

The Insider is looking for any funny captions for this amazing protest photo. Leave them in the comments section. First prize, a brand new set of saddle shoes. Second Prize, forget about it, you're not part of the one percent.   


WesDems held their first meeting of the year this evening, Wesleyan Drop-Out turned Anti-Term Limit & Future Career Politician Rep. Matt Lesser (District 100) was on hand to give remarks and inspire. Readers should check Wesleying blog website to stay tuned to whats happening on campus and how the WesDems plan to contribute to our local political elections.
Speaking of local elections, remember how last year the "non partisan group" Democracy Now of Wesleyan  invited Candidate Drew to speak on campus, and not incumbent Giuliano, and it was "coincidence" how it happened to fall right at election time? And remember how then after MRTC members showed up at the public lecture uninvited, yet behaved, and then writers affiliated with the  WesDems tried to counter attack and claim the group was disruptive?
 Seems Mayor Drew is making another "coincidental" & totally "non partisan" appearance as guest speaker at  the public First Year Anniversary Party of the Young Leaders Society branch of the Middlesex United Way  on 10/11/2012 at 7pm at the Shadow Room Bar & Lounge on Main Street. Let's hope this PUBLIC event is non partisan because that 501 3c non profit IRS status is a terrible thing to jeopardize for a group just for one's own  politicking. Take a lesson from Red Rosa  Dano and read our article!


  1. You guys are funny mofos.. I have to admit I never knew Blummy was that RIch.. Must be nice, amazing how the press covers it up/

  2. If a Democrat is wealthy and thinks the 1% (including themselves) should pay more taxes... whats the issue.

    There are wealthy people who think wealthy people should be paying more.


  3. Where's the pic of the new superintendent, who lives in a million plus dollar mansion and leaves the hummer at home so we won't know she's not one of us?

  4. Why don't these rich folks on the left give more to the government instead of wanting all of us to give more. I like the idea of controlling my money and I can spend it better on what my family needs.

    Ben is a 1% and he and his family should give more to the government

  5. Dear ANON 6:24

    They are hypocrites who use the system and point fingers constantly and conservatives who built their own way up.. Give me break, while Benjamin sits at WES and calls GOP folks for taling about the local election laws, his family is making crazy money from poor labor practices in INDIA.. The question is liberals, is Benjamin part of the 1% even though he goes to Wesleyan and is part of a Democrat group? Liberal Loophole: "Well, since I'm liberal and whatnot, that rule is for conservatives because they (insert controversial slogan 'War on Woman' here) don't care about the people. Ben,get a life and start put your money where your mouth is. When Ross and the group went down to protest, where they protesting your kind? Good job insider!


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