Monday, July 16, 2012

Your Daily Spin from the Middletown Mess!

Isn't it ironic that when the Middletown Mess posts a letter from a Democrat supporting a Democratic candidate for office that there is no Editor's note at the bottom of the letter indicating the author's party position? We already know that the Press bias against local conservatives; this proof can be seen in the shear number of articles posted about Democratic candidates vs. Republicans and others. Take into consideration, Congresswoman & candidate Red Rosa DeLauro visits Middletown  and has paraded around with Mayor Dan Drew & Rep. Joe Serra greasing palms, 3 separate articles alone this summer have been written. Republican Candidate Linda McMahon has hit the street in town as well, and no articles were written. Republican Candidate Wayne Winsley, a veteran,  has attended veteran ceremonies in town with no hullabaloo. Incumbent Candidate Len Suzio holds monthly coffee hours at Rise and Shine Cafe in Middletown and has done so through out his career in office and gets no write up, yet Rep. Matt Lesser decides to meet a select few for at a Dunkin Donuts, and the Mess practically holds a Press conference.

Should Republicans be offended? Well, there is the old adage that true good Samaritans need no praise, and that perhaps calling attention to one's self so frequently is a sign the Democrats are in trouble and are running on shaky platforms that need constant bolstering in the media. Or that the Democrats are just the trendy new phrase "attention whores." This November, voters will decide whose message is best, but the Insider is concerned that the Republicans aren't being given a equal billing especially from media sources such as the Press and the Courant and alike that claim to be "unbiased." At least at the Insider, we where our hearts on our sleeves and tell it like it is.

On July 6, 2012  local Middletown town Democratic Chairman Dan Pickett "wrote" a letter to the Editor published by the Middletown Press praising his choice of Democratic candidate for the 13th District and slamming incumbent Republican Len Suzio- shocking!. Those of us who follow politics know this was most likely a canned letter written by an adviser to the party and published with Mr. Pickett's name, at least we hope for his sake, it came from an intern advisor and not from the pen of Pickett judging from the poorly
 constructed analogies and reasoning behind  arguments against the reelection of Suzio. It should be noted in the article available here, that this article does NOT have an Editor's note displaying Pickett's political affiliation. The reader is supposed to believe this is an Average Joe citizen who wrote this on his own accord. There have also been 3 articles since May "informing" the public that this Democrat is challenging Suzio in the 13th district, all patronizing to the challenger and not the incumbent Suzio, and all a poorly disguised rewording of the same facts.

So what you say? Fast forward to the subsequent letter published in the Press today from Cromwell Republican Town Committee chair and selectman Enzo Faienzo. How do we know who the author is? There is a note form the Editor at the end of the article announcing the a fore mentioned affiliation because the Press wants the public to assume the opinion is biased because it is written by a fellow active Republican.

Bottom line: If voters want the true picture of what candidates are doing around Middletown, do your own research. Know the mainstream media is biased. Republican & Independent candidates are out there doing great things. It's not what you read in the local paper, its what you don't read! People, do your own homework before the November elections.


  1. We the citizens of Middletown need to hold the Middletown Press accountable for their lousy coverage of anything not democratic. I truly wish they would cover everything with a politically blind eye, but that will never happen with who is in charge over there.

  2. Who knew "The Middletown Mess" was so biased? LOL

  3. Come on the press always tells the truth or covers the really good stories.. Remember how they left Jim O'Rourke alone during the big death crisis? Good job PRESS!

  4. who is in charge of the Press and how are they linked to one political party? please enlighten us, I really want to know! terrible coverage!!!

  5. Stop it! They Press has ignored GOP causes numerous times and leaned or even stood in ground that represents the left. I am sure you, ANON 6:18 are a member of the DEM party so let it be.


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