Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Your Daily Spin by the Middletown Mess

Today's spin on a misleading headline meant to support one particular point of view is brought to you by the Middletown Mess.

The title is "Middletown Officials say Small Business Grant Creates 18 Local Jobs" is entirely misleading- The article later says that 19 business have gone thru training equating to 18 jobs.  According to the article: "Of the eligible businesses that applied, 19 have gone through the program, creating 18 full-time equivalent jobs."
Again not actual jobs - no businesses or positions listed. Mayor Drew would like you to think he waved a magic wand and created jobs, but alas has not as strategically stated in the title.  Good idea grants for local businesses but a gross exaggeration that this single act brings about jobs.  Remember the $40K given by the Common Council (Economic Development) to It's Only Natural market because it "claimed" lost business over bridge traffic after moving its location further north on Main? How many jobs did that save or create and what about after construction is over? Or businesses off of Main Street not eligible for the bail out? It reminds the Insider of a certain Diner without fire insurance the burned down in 2007 and was rebuilt partially with tax payer money also on Main Street. You say its grant money its not tax payer money? Your tax money is put in the general fund some of which goes to grants via Economic Development- so as far as the Insider is concerned it is all your money-  Beware of spin its your money being spent! Don't forget to show up April 26, 2012 to celebrate your taxes going up at the Budget Hearing the Council Chambers - 6:00 pm.

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