Saturday, April 28, 2012

Senior Center SHOW DOWN! May 1!

Come out May 1 voice you feelings about the Senior Center project. Eckersley Hall that has been in the works for over 2 years and which has already been purchased or the secret  smaller design in the works by Mayor Dan Drew being unveiled May 1. More information here:

What are the reasons for moving the Senior Center out of Sbona Towers & move to Eckersley Hall?
 Reasons to stick with the Eckersley Hall Renovation: If the proposed Senior Center to an addition to  Middletown City Hall they will lose Senior Haircut, Cookouts and other special dinner events. Ceramics, Line dancing, oil painting, first Wednesday entertainment, and free senior breakfast could be lost. Programs such as bingo, exercise, hot lunch if there is no kitchen, "this is for some the only nutritious meal they get in a day", Yoga, Tai Chi, and movies could be lost if an addition to City Hall is constructed because the site is merely to small for a structure to accommodate this.

If the Senior Center is moved to a City Hall addition that is too small,  there will not be able to add on for Yoga "which they have no room for", line dancing and a number of other events that the seniors need to keep busy and to keep them interacting with others. How many seniors spend most of their day by themselves and have zero interactions with others.

 The proposed renovation to Eckersley Hall can expand many of the services they have now and add more services. The  Yoga program can be expanded which is busting at the seams as is, and
Line dancing which doesn't have the room now.
Oil painting class, Tai Chi, Reiki, cookouts and monthly breakfast and etc.

There are over 8,000 seniors in the city who have paid taxes their entire lives and deserve a place to call their own with adjacent parking that is accessible, unlike that at the City Hall site. Seniors were promised 40 years ago that the current senior center would be temporary. Well it is time to make good on that promise and give the seniors a place to call their own. 

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