Sunday, April 15, 2012

Obama's 9-9-9 Gas Plan

Many years ago voters rejected Republican presidential hopeful Steve Forbes' interesting 10% tax plan that proposed to do just that- tax every American ten percent of what they earn.  Years later, another presidential GOP contender Herman Cain proposed a tax plan that suggested, like Forbes' plan, controversial things such as: clarity, consistency, and common sense. Imagine if the government took out 10% every check and then when April rolled around folks wouldn’t be stressed out using their computer to figure out 1040A forms or running to H+R Block at all hours of the night? Would be pretty simple.

Recently the White House announced President Obama's 9-9-9 Tax Plan, a daring proposal that challenges  everybody to keep buying more and more gas. Don't like it? Plunk down  $64,000 and purchase a Chevy Volt and your local dealership. White House officials have also suggested that consumers should put fresh air in their tires every 200 miles and attempt to car pool or take a bus to work.  "In order to save the environment and save money on gas, consumers should buddy it up to work," said liberal filmmaker and Halliburton and Honeywell stockowner Michael Moore from his limousine.  Stars such as Barbara Streisand and Sean Penn have also come out to support the president's cause of convincing America to pay more for gas, "Although I own a fleet a cars and spend almost $22,000 a year to water my lawn during one of California's biggest droughts, I feel that the President is correct because he is a Democrat and our motto for the people is: do what we tell you to do, do not imitate what we do," Streisand said.

Meanwhile in the Nutmeg State, Democrat legislators are fighting Len Suzio, State Senator 13th District and his bid to cap the Connecticut gas taxes. Suzio's position is that the state needs to cap their "hidden taxes" and stop the practice of taxation without representation, a move that could potentially save CT residents thousands of dollars over the next few months.  The Democrats also proposed a plan to save the taxpayer pennies on the dollar or pennies on the pennies.  Confused? Don't feel bad, their proposal is to loop off a 1.5 cents for brief period in 2012 and then, guess what? It’s back to the old system in 2013 for everybody and then we can compare notes to see how many half cents we save at the pumps.

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