Sunday, April 15, 2012

Former Superintendent Forms Super Music Group

Frechette, Haynes and Senges- Together Again: $350,000 + One Million Tour

            It seems that former Superintend of Schools Michael Frechette and his merry duo of cronies aren’t done polluting the intellectual stimuli of the citizens of Middletown, he’s back and this time his assembled a band that consists of his former assistants: Barbara Senges on tuba and Nancy “The Illegal” Haynes on blowhorn.  Although not officially named yet, some Middletown residents are calling the trio "The Users" or "The Richies".

“Although I was paid a tremendous sum of money from the Middletown school system for doing nothing, I decided to get the band together and play a final gig at Kiegwin Middle School for all my adoring fans,” Dr. Michael Frechette told reporters last night at a literacy press conference last night in Middletown.  “I will be selling CDs and I hope the citizens band together to bring me back for education work in town, which of course would benefit me due to the large consulting fee I will charge the district,” Frechette said with a twinkle in his eye as he adjusted his diamond ring and asked Haynes in a sharp voice to, “move my Rolls [Royce].”

Recorded Live from the Scream Room!
For $12.99 plus shipping and consulting fees, fans get the following songs:


1)       I Fought the Law and the I Won
2)          Chain, Chain, Chain of Fools.. (Middletown Residents are Suckers!)
3)           Hit me with your Best Shot
4)           You’re so Vain with Carly Simon
5)            Poker Face
6)            Hot For Teacher in the Scream Room
7)            Mo Money, MO Problems
8)           Miki’s Girls
9)             The 466 Blues (Contracts are Null and Void Anthem)
10)         It’s good to be the King
11)         Theme from the Godfather
12)         Don’t stop Believing
13)         The Mileage Anthem
14)         It’s the End of the World as We Know it. (Teachers need Supplies)


  1. He has taken enough of our money.Just shute up and leave.What more dose this man need to hear that we do not want you.My song for you
    I don't want you to want us
    Every lawyer you see the money comes back to me(by the police)lol

  2. Freschette's band should open for Dave Matthews next year!

  3. More $$$ down the drain.. Where are we getting the money to pay for Michael's $332,000 payout?? YUCK


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