Friday, July 07, 2023

Once Upon a Time. . .

Commentary by Matthew M Corey, Republican US Senate Candidate 2018

Once upon a time. That is where stories had a meaning to them. Growing up, what I remember is that if a story began with this phrase, it was certain there would be a moral to the story. The morals or lessons that followed would sometimes influence one's behavior or outlook on life. The words once upon a time remind me of the film Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. A 1939 movie based loosely on a real Senator from Montana who wanted to see much-needed changes in his State. He tried to make a profound statement that there were still good people who went to Washington to represent the people and what they needed. He didn’t go to Washington for self-serving reasons, he went based on his belief that he would do all he could to benefit his community and constituents.

Today, unfortunately, we see politicians go to Washington to represent one view, one party, and oneself. They seem to leave their morals and common sense at the doorsteps of the Halls of Congress. We once had a Senator here in Connecticut who didn't go to Washington believing in one-party philosophy. He didn’t believe in protecting individuals based on party affiliation. He believed in holding the values of a US Senator and the constituents he represented to the highest standard.

That man was Lowell Weicker, the last Republican Senator Connecticut sent to Washington. One could say he left his integrity at the Steps of The Governor's mansion when it came to Connecticut State income tax. A case of saying anything to get elected. When it came to bringing charges against a sitting President for spying and lying to the American people about the Watergate Scandal, Senator Weicker had no problem forcing a leader of the Republican Party, President Richard Nixon, to resign. It wasn’t the Democrats who investigated and pursued the President, it was the Republicans who told him that they no longer could support him. An aggressive media uncovered the scandal and the Republican party saw it through in spite of Nixon being one of their own.

This brings us to Senator Murphy, a ranking member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and Senator Blumenthal a ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee. With allegations of bribery and kickbacks from foreign Nations to a sitting President through his son, Hunter Biden, and shell companies one would think our Senators representing its constituents from Connecticut would be willing to investigate President Biden. If the allegations are true, we have a sitting President who is compromised with decisions he is making on one of our biggest adversaries, China. There lies the issue. We don’t have a Senator Weiker in Washington. We have two partisan Senators who left their morals and integrity at the steps of Congress. How has Connecticut fallen so far? Connecticut doesn’t send any Mr.
or Mrs. Smiths to Washington anymore; they send divisive one-party rule Senators to Washington. You don’t have to take my word for it, just go on Senator Murphy’s Twitter feed and read the divisive rhetoric he tweets out about his colleagues. Being silent in this ongoing investigation of a sitting President is being complicit.

Senator Murphy was asked about Justice Kavanaugh in a debate and Murphy stated Kavanaugh’s values don't represent the values of the State of Connecticut. This was about sexual allegations lodged against Justice Kavanagh. I only bring this up because values and integrity are essential to being a US Senator. Is hiding behind a 20-million-dollar hush fund Congress has allotted to silence victims and shield abusers of sexual harassment by Congress members and their staff represent the values of Connecticut’s Constituents? Does Senator Murphy believe being silent about the investigation into the allegations against President Biden and his son, led by Representative James Comer, actually represent the values of the citizens of Connecticut? In there lies your two tiers of justice, one for the politically connected, and then one for the rest of us.

Senator Murphy has been able to raise millions of dollars in the wake of Sandy Hook and other similar tragedies. What other major policy has he put forward other than gun control that he could raise so much money for his reelection campaigns? There have been plenty of times he could have worked in a bipartisan way to deal with mental illness and enforce school safety around the country, but he chose to be an obstructionist on this issue. He voted to remove school resource officers in public schools while he sends his children to school with private armed security guards. I am not shaming him for protecting his children, but not everyone has the resources for private schools with armed security.

Every parent wants their child safe at school. By voting to remove resource officers in public schools, he is stating some children deserve protection while others do not. You see, if this school safety issue is solved then he loses his campaign funds to get reelected. He also loses the powerful vote of the Teacher’s Union. Yes, some Senators can be bought and sold, we have two of them from Connecticut. 

With elections coming in 2024 for members of Congress and the Senate, and yes, Senator Murphy is up for reelection, one has to ask themselves if sending a Mr. Smith to Washington is better than sending a Senator who is divisive. Hopefully, we can send a representative of the people who will bring back the integrity of the office so Connecticut’s citizens can proudly say, we have a US Senator who represents the values of Connecticut, and a Senator future generation can aspire to.

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