Sunday, February 13, 2022


by Susan Patricelli Regan

2022 CT Republican Gubernatorial Candidate
V.O.T.E. - Voice of the Electorate

There are many facets to this subject, but they originate primarily from one source; parents.  And, yes, grandparents as well.  The concern is what today's youth are experiencing in their academic curriculum regarding sexual preference books, CRT (Critical Race Theory) **, etc., with less emphasis on classical reading/
writing/arithmetic and actual American history.

The continued use of common core math along with virtual lessons has created a severe reduction in timely learning, requiring many students, particularly special ed children, to repeat a grade.  Further incitement has been incurred by the mandates for masking/testing/vaccine requirements and the continued aggressive oppression of school boards at public meetings intended to shut down a parent’s right to present their issues.  Moreover, the DOJ's involvement in the relationship between parents and school administrators, which by normal standards is the domain of state and local governance, has led to increased political tension.

Thus, it would appear that in order to improve the learning environment and the future for students, there will need to be bipartisan discussion and leadership from the appropriate parties to mitigate the differences in perspectives relevant to providing the optimum life skills preparation and to generate productive and prosperous citizens of the world.  In order to do so, education reform is needed.

Perhaps this will mean considering a different acronym for CRT, ... Critical Rational Thinking, in the manner of what is best for all students, no matter what their ethnicity.  This should be a bipartisan effort and not further a chasm that will be injurious to future generations.

**CT Mirror article: Sightlines: It’s not critical race theory
— it’s teaching for life.
• Opinion by Mercy A. Quaye | Columnist October 25, 2021

Susan has a background as a Marketing Executive with global Fortune 500 company, DIAGEO, is a wife, and mother of three sons, one of which is a Navy Veteran. She founded and is President of two 501C3 foundations:

· - an equine instructional program for Veterans and First Responder who suffer from the challenges of PTSD

· - a fine arts scholarship for CT students across CT pursuing a career in the creative arts

Susan has also hosted a TV program for the past ten years, interviewing high profile guests and covering topics in the arenas of politics, education, medical/health, business and media personalities.  Her husband is the Executive Producer and they have won two national awards for production quality and substantive coverage as independent producers.  The program is and featured guests such as Joe Markley, Brad Davis and Regina Roundtree.

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