Monday, September 14, 2020

There is a difference between legal and illegal immigration - Re-Elect Senator Rob Sampson

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Dear Friends,

Check out my new ad that points out that there is a difference between legal and "illegal" immigration.  I have worked hard to advocate for policies that keep us safe while also encouraging the expansion of lawful immigration into the United States.

Partisans on both sides like to paint each other as heroes and villains on this issue and that is the sad reason why it has not been fixed. Democrats like painting Republicans as bigots against immigrants. Republicans point to Democrats who seem not to care about the rule of law or the victims of bad actors who happen to be undocumented.

The truth is that both parties need to resolve this.

The current situation is awful. The worst part is that millions of people are stuck living in the shadows in our country because they came here for opportunity but don’t really have it since they can’t work lawfully and have to wonder when they will be caught. Democrats, in particular, are guilty of this since they act like saviors for giving out scraps – driver’s licenses and tuition discounts.

What we need to do is - first acknowledge that a country is only a country with a border so we need to increase border security and prevent more illegal immigration. It is irresponsible from a public safety standpoint to ignore the drug, violence, and human trafficking that occurs because it is only a small percentage of the total border crossings.

Once that is accomplished, we could then create a work permit option that allows those here living in the shadows to come out and become part of the community. They could then work and live without fear – but no entitlements and no voting. However, they can apply to obtain legal status and ultimately citizenship.

This would be a fair and equitable solution. Unfortunately, it does not happen because neither party wants to give up their talking points. I have offered this concept repeatedly in the state legislature but really we need our federal government to finally act on comprehensive immigration reform.

Here is my speech from the State Senate last year when the Democrats made Connecticut a "super sanctuary" state and essentially placed illegal aliens who are on the terrorist watch list, known felons, and active gang members above the law.


I hope you will stand with me. 

The November election is our chance to fight for and defend what we believe in. Please take a moment and let me know if you would like a lawn sign, or would like to volunteer for my campaign.

You can call or text me, or send an email to, or simply click the Take Actionbutton below.

Please also take a moment to reach out to your friends and neighbors and let them know of the importance of this election and how voting for me will ensure that our voices will continue to be heard at the State Capitol.

It has been an honor and privilege being our voice in Hartford.  I would like the opportunity to continue fighting for you!




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