Thursday, May 07, 2020

World Domination - Part One

cover photo, Image may contain: outdoor and water, possible text that says '"The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it." -George Orwell'
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By Shawn Anthony of Strongville Ohio, Founding Member of Ohio Get Back to Work Parade Group

Are we going after and blaming those ultimately responsible for what is going on in our states and nation?

Part One concentrates on the main point; a point I want people just to thing about.  Part Two will be more speculation on my part, almost "conspiracy theory" I guess you could say; but, then again, maybe not.  I encourage everyone to read Part One.  As far as Part Two, that is totally up to the individual.  It is controversial.  And, it is speculative.  For some, it may be very disturbing.  I will separate the two parts though, so you have a choice on what to read.

I think it is time to wake some people up to an idea.  I have thought long and hard, searching for answers to try and find the true agenda behind what is going on in the world with this whole Covid19 mass panic and scare.

I am going to start off with a list of very wealthy, very powerful individuals and groups that I want you to acknowledge:

WHO, CDC, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Warren Buffet (who is a chairman of Gates Foundation), Anthony Fauci (who is involved with the WHO and the Gates Foundation); and, The Clinton Foundation.  This is a small list; the full list involves many more, worldwide.

Has anyone noticed that the heads of our communities, the heads of our states, and even our president to a certain degree, are NOT the ones calling the shots?

Has anyone noticed that Amy Acton as  Heath Director is calling all shots over the top of Governor Mike Dewine?

Has anyone noticed that Anthony Fauci, an infectious disease "expert", is calling the shots over our president, to a certain degree?

Has anyone noticed that the County Health Departments in our state, as well as many others, are the ones who are calling all the shots at the local level?

Has anyone noticed that the CDC, Anthony Fauci, Linda Byrx, Amy Acton, our state health department, and our county health departments have been pretty much given ultimate authority?

Has anyone noticed that ultimate authority is not only being used by these health experts and health organizations in our country, but many other countries across the world, as well?

Why are these unelected officials, medical "experts", and state and county health departments given the ultimate authority to shut down our economies, our states, our businesses, our places of worship, our schools, and our lives?  And why are they given the ultimate authority to do this, while violating many parts of our US Constitution and our State Constitution?

Yes, I will agree, our governors and our state legislators are ultimately responsible for letting this happen, and must also be dealt with, appropriately.  Some may be directly or indirectly involved.  That is yet to be determined . . .

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