Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Apple Rush May be the Best Investment Opportunity This Year

In existence since 1972, Apple Rush Co., Inc. (ARRU) is a producer of sparkling juice beverages.  They recently developed new product lines, which are ready for introduction.  These product lines include adult and CBD infused beverages.

While the CV-19 situation has held up their plan, the plan is to be in 20 states by the end of this year and in all 50 states within two years.  Nine days ago, they announced a plan to start selling their products in Japan.

In the last month, their stock price has gone up 216%.  (Today it went up 15.15%)  At today's close, (.0038) a $100 investment would buy 26,315 shares.  In my opinion, if someone can afford to risk $100, the potential reward far out ways the risk.

Of course, one should perform their own due diligence.  Try searching the following:

"APRU and Various Brands Take to the Virtual field: Sponsoring the SFL’s Championship Halftime Show"

"Apple Rush Taps Paul Guilfoile and PT Innovations"

"Apple Rush announces fiscal year 2019 results and featured article in The Shelby Report"

"Apple Rush Company, Inc. announces letter to shareholders"

Find them on Face Book, here.

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