Saturday, March 14, 2020

Corona Virus Fear Spread by Politicians and Media

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There seems to be three groups of thought on the Corona virus.  Group One is in a state of panic, swallowing the hysteria put forth by conniving politicians and a complicit media, bent on destroying President Trump no matter what the cost to the people of the United States of America.  Their agenda takes precedence over all else.

Group Two might be a little skeptical; not really sure what to believe, but they are not taking any chances.

Then there is Group Three.  Those of us who see this for what it is; a manufactured crisis.  We don’t buy it.  We know that those infected experience mild symptoms for the most part and it passes, quickly.  We know that in many cases, especially in children, the symptoms are so mild as to go unnoticed.  We know that the recovery rate is very high; higher than that of the annual seasonal flu outbreak, which kills tens of thousands in the US, every year.  We know that the vast majority of those who died from the Corona virus (between 50 and 60), are elderly and have underlying respiratory conditions.

That said; very few minds can be changed, one way or the other.  You can’t argue with idiots or the gullible or the corrupt, so what is left to do?

I’m making a prediction.  It may not be 100% accurate but it will pan out, largely as I put it.

1)  Governors and mayors will continue to over react and close schools, casinos, sporting events, theatre performances, etc.  Even St. Patrick’s Day Parades!  NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio could shut down subways and other modes of public of public transportation.

2)  These shut-downs will have a very negative effect on the economy.  Here in Columbus Ohio, the state issued restrictions on attendance at the annual Arnold (Schwarzenegger) Sports Festival, prohibiting general spectators.  This is the largest event held in Columbus, attracting tens of thousands.  The annual economic impact is 53 million dollars.  Nationwide, millions of working people are going to lose income; tens of thousands of businesses will suffer, small and large.  School closings will force millions of parents to stay home from work; they don’t have day care arranged and if they did, it would be so costly as to not warrant paying for it.
3) Groups One and Two will continue to clean out store shelves, expecting the worst.  Today, I stopped to do my routine grocery shopping.  Paper products and flushable wipes had been stripped from the shelves.  There were no tomatoes or limes.  The bread was almost all gone.  There was nothing left in the seafood department or in the butcher’s case.  Most of the milk was gone.  I didn’t bother walking down the frozen food isle.  This panic-shopping lead to the store limiting purchase quantities of certain items.  It hurts those who only want to make their usual purchases and don’t get to the store, in time.
4) The virus is not going to spread wide like the swine flu did in ‘09/10.  Its effects will be minimal.  You and I will not contract the Corona virus.  None of our family, friends or co-workers will contract it, either.

5) In a few weeks, once nothing of any great import happens, all these over reaching politicians will start patting themselves on the back, saying, “See, we took action and prevented the Corona “crisis” from becoming a catastrophe!”  They are going to take credit for nothing!  But, they will not take responsibility for the economic hardship their actions laid upon millions of shoulders.  And the sheep will stand and cheer them.

Myself, I'm going to be pro-active.  It is a little known fact that Corona beer will prevent Corona virus.  I'm going to drink my share, and then some.  And in a few weeks, once this passes and I've not contract it, I'm going to declare that that proves Corona beer prevents Corona virus.  If I can find a lime, I'll make the same claim when I don't come down with Lyme disease!  My claims will be just as credible as those of politicians and fear mongering press!

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