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Reasons to Vote for Rob Sampson

Dear Friends,

It's less than three weeks to go until Election Day and my opponent is clearly desperate and attempting to mislead voters.  Please help me push back and set the record straight.   Share this message with as many voters as you can. 
Reason #1 to support Rep. Sampson for State Senate over his opponent – He doesn’t lie on his campaign mailers.
Last week, it was a false statement in a campaign mailer about my record on prescription drugs and healthcare.
Today, another campaign mailer from my opponent showed up in mailboxes across the district.
Below, I will address ALL FIVE false statements from my opponent’s mailer one by one.
1 - “Voted NO to pay equity – one of 4 no votes”
My opponent is attempting to deceive voters into believing that I voted against equal pay for women. However, the bill has absolutely nothing to do with pay equity for women, or anyone else. The language simply adds even more regulation on businesses - preventing employers from inquiring of job applicants of any gender, about their pay history.
2 - “Voted NO to health benefits for women and children”
Here, my opponent is attempting to deceive voters into believing that I voted against health benefits for women and children. That is an absurd accusation on its face but let me address it. This bill included 2 basic parts. First, it was a Democratic initiative that places major parts of OBAMACARE into CT law out of fear that the Trump administration and congress may succeed in repealing it. This would preserve Obamacare in CT state law. Since this bad policy which has done extensive damage to both the access and affordability of healthcare is still federal law, the bill has no current effect.

Second, it would radically expand the state mandated coverages for contraception. As someone who believes women should have the right to make their own decisions about their own bodies – and that they should make the choices about their healthcare rather than bunch of politicians, I offered an amendment to require that all insurance companies must offer these products as an option to their customers, and let them decide if they want to pay the additional premium for these things or not. My amendment was defeated on a party line vote – with every Democrat legislator voting against a women’s choice to make her own healthcare decisions.
3 – “Voted NO to protections for domestic violence victims”
Here, my opponent claims that I would eliminate protections for female victims of domestic violence. Yet another absurd claim. That is akin to saying someone is against clean water, or quality education, etc. Is there anyone out there foolish enough to believe that? This is a somewhat complex piece of legislation that had only one aim in mind, and it was not to protect women from domestic violence. It was to use identity politics to further a radical gun control agenda and to deny the constitutional protection of due process to gun owners. The sad part of this bill is that its passage has actually made women less safe. Now, a woman who is a legitimate victim of domestic violence can have her right to self-protection taken away based on the simple accusation of her abuser. Many women testified AGAINST this bill and rightfully so.
4 – “Supports criminalizing a woman’s right to choose – even in cases of rape, incest, and serious risk to the mother”
She provided no citation here.
This is the most egregious lie on the piece. I have never proposed any legislation to curtail abortion rights in any way. I have also never advocated for overturning Roe v. Wade. When asked about this, I have always openly and honestly stated my position which is that I am personally pro-life, but I am also a libertarian who believes the government has no right in personal decisions.
My record is clear. I have fought for personal choice in healthcare since day one and I stand by my record.
I have only ever advocated for two policies concerning abortion - 1) parental notification - because it catches abusers and rapists, and 2) elimination of third trimester abortions - because I believe that is simply just going too far.
These are very mainstream policies that we should have. Those that oppose them are the ones out of touch.
5 – Supports eroding women’s reproductive rights”
Here, my opponent is attempting to deceive voters into believing that I want to restriction reproductive rights. That is false. The bill simply requires that parents of a minor girl who intends to have an abortion must be notified in advance of the procedure. It does not require the parent's consent - only notification. The whole purpose of a parental notification law is to catch rapists and abusers, so they cannot hide their crimes. Imagine a 12-year-old girl being raped by a babysitter or an uncle and being forced by the perpetrator to go have an abortion. This can happen in Connecticut currently without the parents ever knowing their child had an abortion let alone was the victim of such a crime. I am extremely sympathetic to circumstances that might be uncomfortable when it comes to teen pregnancies and have made that clear each time I have proposed legislation. It must absolutely make exceptions and provide for a judicial bypass procedure.
With regard to rights and access, I personally find it difficult to juxtapose laws in our society that would allow a 14 year old young woman to terminate a pregnancy without her parent's knowledge when we have other laws that prohibit minors from getting their ears pierced, or to get a tattoo, or to buy a pack of cigarettes, and so on.
I have chosen to focus on my own record in my campaign. Certainly, it is ok for candidates to point out differences from their opponents. However, it is NOT ok to distort their records.
My opponent has a record also. I promise that if I refer to it in my campaign materials, I will in no way attempt to distort her record or mislead voters.
Are you tired of identity politics, large government trying to control every aspect of your life, with constant tax hikes, and the bureaucracy that surrounds it?
My record of service is clear.  I have never voted to increase spending or raise your taxes - and I never will.

I love my country and I have a consistent record of standing up for the principles that America stands for - keeping government small and preserving our rights to live as we see fit.  I believe in law and order and protecting the civil liberties and constitutional rights of every citizen.  I believe in freedom and opportunity.  I respect and value our military and believe that we owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to our veterans for our freedoms.

Will you help me win my race for State Senate?

Please take a moment a click the "TAKE ACTION!" button below to sign up for a LAWN SIGN or to VOLUNTEER.

Please help to elect me to be part of a Republican majority to help #TAKEBACKCT!
Here are some links to some stories, articles and videos if you want to keep up with what I have been doing.

10-26-17 My speech on the floor of the House last year opposing the lousy state budget that was ultimately voted into law. 
(VIDEO) I was one of the small number of state legislators who did the right thing and voted NO on the state budget passed last October that we are all living under.  I voted no because 1) This budget increased spending and taxes - and cut aid to the towns I represent.  I would never support such a plan.  2)  It spends millions of dollars on bailing out Hartford and renovating the XL Center at the same time it cut aid to seniors, and 3) It makes no attempt to address our long term financial problems as a state. Amazingly, even on the day this was voted into law, everyone knew it would add to our deficit.

04-25-18 My speech on the House floor in opposition to the so called "Women's Health" bill which really is nothing more than putting the major components of Obamacare into Connecticut law, and eliminating personal choice over health insurance products for consumers, particularly women.

04-18-18 My speech on the House floor regarding sanctuary city policies.  Here, I make the only real attempt anyone has made in the last eight years I have been in office at reversing Connecticut's policy as a sanctuary state.

04-03-18 While vigorously defending the second amendment and the rights of law-abiding gun owners, I offered an amendment in the judiciary committee challenging the Democrats to reverse the bailout of Hartford and use the money to fight gun trafficking, and fund school resource officers and mental health beds. 

03-12-18 CT bill would require that certain Medicaid enrollees work  (PRINT) A recent news article about my bill that would create a work requirement for able bodied welfare recipients.
You can find out more about my campaign on my website sampsonforct.comPlease follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube channel.  Together, we can #TAKEBACKCT and begin to rebuild our great state.

Representative Rob Sampson
Candidate for State Senate 
Posted as a public service.

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