Monday, April 30, 2018

Prasad for Governor Campaign Gains Momentum As CTGOP Convention Approaches

Prasad’s winning message and tireless work ethic is resonating with convention delegates

GLASTONBURY, Connecticut – The Prasad for Governor Campaign continues to build critical momentum as the CTGOP nominating convention approaches. Prasad’s common-sense conservative message is resonating with Republican delegates all across Connecticut.

Prasad has attended over 350 campaign events in every corner of the state from Greenwich to Thompson, spreading his message of revival and prosperity across Connecticut to delegates and voters alike. Voters are excited about Prasad’s bold plan to control taxes and reduce spending – including introducing zero-based budgeting to Hartford.

Prasad was the first candidate of either party to announce his candidacy for Governor, and was the first candidate of either party to raise the necessary CEP qualifying funds. Prasad has raised over $258,000 from nearly 3,000 donors, and true to his conservative bona fides, has spent less than 30% of his war chest to date, putting him in a strong position to enter the primary campaign on a solid financial footing.

To learn more about Prasad and his campaign for Governor and to join his team, visit
P.O. Box 975
Glastonbury, CT 06033
(860) 430-4611
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