Saturday, March 17, 2018

School Security

Image from 1057 News
Author unknown.

I went to the bank the other day. It had an armed guard to protect the money. The politicians at the Capitol are protected by armed police. When there is a report of a suspicious person just about anywhere, we send armed police. So why in God's name do we pack our most precious children into unsecure buildings with nobody there to protect and defend them against dangerous people?

I hear the statement all the time that "we don't want to turn our schools into armed fortresses", as if that solves the problem and should end any discussion of armed protection in our schools.

Folks, inner city schools across the country have fortified doors, metal detectors and armed resource officers. We don't see mass shootings in schools that are protected, even though there are large numbers of shootings in their neighborhoods. Mass shootings happen in "gun free zones" where nobody is able to stop or even slow down the dirtbag causing the carnage.

Our children and school employees are sitting ducks without someone to guard the door and to shoot back. Our schools must be hardened. Our children must be better protected by people who have the ability to stop dangerous people, when they try to do bad things.

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