Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Senate Candidate Matt Corey - Statement on School Safety After Parkland Tragedy

Matt Corey Photo from Fox61
February 27, 2018 


In the wake of another tragedy, Connecticut’s Congressional delegation focused only on one thing; stripping the rights of law abiding citizens by banning certain types of fire arms in common use.  Once again, they refused to look at real solutions for school safety.  Mentally ill or evil people with intent to do harm will always find a way to try and inflict pain on society.  “Gun free” zones are soft targets which leave our children at risk.  We need an honest conversation in this country that does not involve politicians using the issue for political gain.

This is an issue of safety, no matter what your stance is on the Second Amendment.  We need to come up with real solutions; solutions that actually work, and our schools need to be protected.  State and local school districts should make the choice to arm teachers who want to volunteer for that service, and/or have resource officers who actually engage with students on a daily basis.

Law enforcement needs greater access to information on individuals with mental health issues.  We must look at how HIPPA privacy laws are prohibiting vital information on certain individuals from being shared.  Not only would sharing information help ensure a safer school environment; it might enable troubled individuals to get the mental health treatment they so desperately need.  It would save lives and spare much heartache and grief.

We must ensure local, state, and federal agencies share vital information on individuals who are a risk to themselves and society.  We also must address how school districts report to local police departments, and how records are kept of disciplinary actions taken against troubled students.  We must monitor students who are on certain medications for depression or other mental health disorders.  So many of those involved in mass shootings are on such medications.

 Finally, laws that are already on the books need to be enforced.  There must be mandatory prison time for anyone committing a felony with a firearm.  Too often those charges are plea bargained away.  There must be mandatory prison time for any convicted felon who tries to purchase or is in possession of a firearm.

The National Instant background Check System (NICS) is only as good as the information put into it.  We must ensure that local, state and federal agencies share information, so we can be sure firearms do not get into the hands of dangerous individuals.

As your Senator, I will do everything within the power of that office to protect all of our Constitutional rights, uphold the law, and protect America’s most valuable resource; our children.

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