Sunday, February 11, 2018

Illegal Immigration Has Black Americans “Struggling for Our Very Lives”

There are a growing number of black leaders like Ted Haynes who are speaking out against illegals in the USA. 

This 2015 video has Ted Haynes from Project 21 &  Cesar Luna from Border Angels (a group that helps illegal aliens) facing off on the issue of the how having illegal aliens here is harming the Black American community and robbing citizens of jobs.

Illegal Aliens being in the country is hurting the black community due to the lack of jobs which are creating higher unemployment in the Black American community.

Not the focus of this discussion; is the additional competing for the limited resources for educational funding grants as well for our citizen descendants of slaves Black American children. 

Our children are being forced to be in substandard public schools because the resources are being squandered in addition to the depleting of scholarship opportunities.

Contributed by Theresa Tillett. Visit her blog, Tillett for CT, here.

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