Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Who in the Press Will Call Out Senator Murphy's Hypocrisy on Shutdown?

Sen. Murphy, source unknown
Murphy votes against Americans to protect Illegal Aliens
"Last Friday night, Connecticut's junior Senator Chris Murphy showed once again how out of touch he is with average Americans as he voted to shut down the government and joined his fellow obstructionists in the Schumer shutdown," said Matt Corey, a Navy Veteran and small business owner who is seeking the Republican nomination to run for the U.S. Senate.

"In a vote that was clearly intended to send a signal to his far left base, Senator Murphy's vote is meant to show his support for illegal aliens over American citizens and his continued attempts to sabotage the incredible surge the US economy is experiencing under President Trump and a Republican Congress," Corey continued.  "With a stock market up over 40% during the Trump era, unemployment among minorities at record lows, confidence in our country near record highs, and millions of Americans getting bonuses and raises due to the Republican tax cuts (which Murphy voted against), Senator Murphy has shown he would rather be part of a resistance working to gain power this November than helping working families."

"Senator Murphy's vote means that members of our military and their families will stop receiving their pay checks, and right here in Connecticut meals for seniors will be affected and hundreds of federal workers have been furloughed," Corey added.

"As I pointed out the last time Senator Murphy voted to shut down our government, what is even more disgusting is the blatant hypocrisy of Connecticut's junior Senator who just four years ago issued the following press release during that year's threat of a government shutdown where he stated- The American people, and a majority of the Senate, are through with members throwing these temper tantrums at our economy’s expense."

 "Will members of the media point out the hypocrisy of Senator Murphy and the damaging effects it will have on American citizens in order to appease his obstructionist base and illegal aliens, or will they just report his spin without questioning his written hypocrisy?"

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