Wednesday, January 24, 2018

In the Midst of Budget Crisis, CT Democrats Create Patronage Position

Joe Aresimowicz
Needs to Hear from Taxpayers Like YOU!

Teachers are being cut.  So are police.  Transportation, Family Services, Municipal Aid... you name it.

But thanks to political patronage, Connecticut Democrats found money to hire a Director of Culture at $140,000 plus state benefits.

That's why we are taking our message
DIRECTLY to the people of our state: 

"Enough is Enough!"

We are literally making the call to thousands of voters around Connecticut, letting them know what these out of touch Democrats are up to while they think we aren't looking.  

Democrat Speaker Joe Aresimowicz has an obligation to STOP the culture of corruption in Hartford that his party has accepted for decades. 

We need your help to reach 60,000 TAXPAYERS in the next 48 Hours!
Speaker Aresimowicz can be contacted directly at:
860-240-8500 | 800-842-8267

Please chip in whatever you can -- $5, $10, $25 or even $50 to get the message out to taxpayers SICK and TIRED of out of touch liberals putting their political cronies ahead instead of fixing their enormous mess in Hartford.

Can you help us fund these calls, starting right away?

$5 - Reach 125 Voters >>
$10 - Reach 250 Voters >>
$25 - Reach 625 Voters >>
$50 - Support 1,250 Calls >>
$100 - Support 2,500 Calls >>

Thank you for helping us fight back against the Democrat Culture of Corruption in Hartford!

With your help, we WILL win this fight.


J.R. Romano
State Party Chairman
Connecticut Republican Party

P.S. - We need to raise $2,500 over the next 48 hours, to reach the 60,000 targeted voters in vulnerable Democrat districts most likely to flip Republican and STOP One Party Rule in Hartford!  If you can help us reach that goal with any donation, I won't forget you were on the right side of history.  Thank you! - J.R.

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