Saturday, November 18, 2017

The White House - Weekend Briefing

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Almost 300 MS-13 Gang Members Arrested in Nationwide Bust
- The Washington Free Beacon
Under the leadership of President Trump, the Department of Justice, and the FBI, “Operation: Raging Bull” led to the arrest of nearly 300 members and associates of the infamous transnational gang MS-13, making the country safer by taking these criminals off the streets for good.
On Tax Reform, This Communications Giant Puts $1B Where Its Mouth Is
- The Daily Signal
Last week AT&T announced it "has committed to investing $1 billion in the economy if Congress cuts corporate taxes." With these tax cuts—combined with the President's efforts to cut job-killing regulations—our country is poised for historic economic growth.
Republicans Just Took Another Huge Step Forward on Their Tax-Cut Plan
- Business Insider
On Thursday evening, the Senate Finance Committee passed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act "advancing it to the Senate floor for consideration by the full chamber."
House Passes Its Version of Tax Reform
- The New York Post
The House easily passed “a sweeping Republican tax bill that cuts taxes for corporations and many people.” The House voted 227-205 to approve the bill, and the victory advances a hopeful end-of-the-year legislative achievement for President Trump.
President Trump Prays with Oklahoma Softball Team on Day NCAA Champs Visit White House
- The New York Daily News
On Friday, President Trump welcomed 18 NCAA championship teams to the White House and congratulated them on their success. At one point during the event “joined by Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, Trump bowed his head in prayer along with members of the Oklahoma softball team.”
3 UCLA Basketball Players Thank Donald Trump, Apologize for Shoplifting in China
- Associated Press

After the President intervened on their behalf with China's President Xi, the three UCLA basketball players who were detained in China thanked the President for his efforts to help them come home.
Commerce Secretary Ross: U.S. Has Leverage to Pressure Mexico, Canada in NAFTA Talks
- The Wall Street Journal
In New York City, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross talked about the tough ongoing NAFTA negotiations, suggesting the “U.S. can pressure Mexico and Canada into big concessions because they have more to lose if the pact collapses.”
Report Shows Decrease in Opioid-Related Deaths in Massachusetts
- CBS Boston
“Just a few weeks after President Trump declared a public emergency with the opioid crisis,” a new report from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health shows a decrease in opioid-related overdose deaths across the state.
Pence Trying to Fast-Track U.S. Help to Iraqi Christians, Yazidis, Other Religious Minorities
- The Washington Free Beacon
In a White House meeting with top senior administration officials and diplomats, Vice President Pence promised that “help is on the way” for persecuted “Christians, Yazidis and other religious minorities in Iraq who are victims of genocide perpetuated by the Islamic State.”
Airstrikes Kill Four Senior ISIS Leaders
- The Washington Examiner
After President Trump’s vow to strike ISIS “10 times harder” following recent attacks, four senior Islamic State leaders have been killed over the past three weeks.
ICE: 25 Arrested in Crackdown on Long Island
- Newsday
In New York, Immigration and Customs Enforcement arrested 25 people sought for deportation, 24 of which had prior convictions for operation of a motor vehicle while drunk or impaired by drugs.

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