Sunday, November 19, 2017

The White House - 1600 Daily: Tax Progress on Capitol Hill

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President Donald J. Trump speaks to the House Republican Conference at the United States Capitol | November 16, 2017 (Official White House Photo by Andrea Hanks) 

Tax Progress on Capitol Hill
On Thursday, the House of Representatives passed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, while the Senate Finance Committee passed its companion version of the bill just hours later. These were momentous steps toward delivering historic tax cuts for the American people by the end of the year. Tax reform would mean more money in the pockets of hardworking, middle-class families, and a global competitive edge for American businesses. A simple, fair, and competitive tax code will be rocket fuel for our economy, and it’s within our reach. Now is the time to deliver.

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President Trump Urges Capitol Hill to Act on Tax
President Trump traveled to the United States Capitol on Thursday to deliver remarks on tax reform to the House Republican Conference. He applauded their efforts to overhaul the current tax code system that hurts American families, workers, and businesses. With the Unified Framework for Tax Reform, our country is poised for historic economic growth through the reduction of complexity in our current tax code, the elimination of loopholes that disproportionately benefit the wealthy, and the promotion of an economic environment that motivates American companies to reinvest their overseas wealth back home.

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Vice President Delivers Keynote Address to Tax Foundation
Last night, Vice President Mike Pence delivered the keynote remarks at the Tax Foundation’s 80th Annual Dinner, held at the National Building Museum. The Tax Foundation is a Washington, D.C. think tank founded in 1937 whose stated mission is to "improve lives through tax policy research and education that leads to greater economic growth and opportunity." A leader in promoting pro-growth tax policies, the Foundation's initiatives include providing an annual "Facts & Figures" document to every governor and state legislator in America.

Vice President Pence spoke on the Trump Administration's vision for dramatic tax reform, which aligns closely with the goals of the Tax Foundation.

"[I]n these too-divided times in America... if we can move forward, together, on the kind of tax relief that will unleash the boundless energy of the American economy, open the pathway to the American Dream for more Americans, get this economy growing again and sustained in the meaningful way, we're going to see this country restored," the Vice President said.

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Today, President Trump will welcome National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) teams from across the country to celebrate collegiate National Champions of 2016 and 2017.


Next week, President Trump will participate in the Presentation of the National Thanksgiving Turkey. Follow the White House on Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to receive updates on the turkeys’ names and to vote on which turkey should receive a pardoning.
The First Lady will participate in the Christmas Tree Presentation at the White House next week. The tree will be displayed in the White House Blue Room and will be presented by the National Christmas Tree Association.

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