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Date:              Monday, September 18th
Times:           Dinner Buffet:  4:30-6:15 - 943 Ocean Ave, New London
                       City Council Meeting: 6:30 at City Hall

RSVP/INFO   Lori Hopkins Cavanagh (860) 449-2007
Actively dividing Americans based on skin color, nationality, religion and gender, vast forces in the U.S. Communist movement seek to revise history, obliterate natural law, and destroy our uniquely American liberties. The results are evident in the decline of our cities, failure of our public schools, destruction of our ethnic neighborhoods, and now, in the desire to destroy long held American traditions.

You’re invited to an event in New London that will emphasize the dirty deeds of Cultural Marxists and the harm they are doing to our children, our ethnic communities, and American liberty.  Come for dinner and an opportunity to meet Rafael Ortiz, the author of the soon-to-be published book, ‘Columbus the Hero’. 

Following dinner, we’ll go before New London City Council and each of us will present a three-minute, or less, testimony regarding Columbus, Cultural Marxism, education indoctrination, or any related subject. You can give all or a portion of your time to Rafael to educate Council on Christopher Columbus if you would prefer.

In March of 2016, New London’s Board of Ed shamefully voted to amend the school calendar changing Columbus Day to Indigenous People’s Day. Without discussion with parents, teachers or the community, the board used a politically motivated, inaccurate letter containing zero facts or historical references, to make the change

We’ll ask Council to recognize Columbus Day and restored it to the school calendar; for Columbus’ Statue to be professionally appraised and legally protected; and, that ‘Columbus the Hero’ be adopted into the curriculum, equal to Black History month. We will support American Indians be treated equally, with emphasis on local tribes and their heritage. Finally, we will ask that Board of Education Members Margaret Mary Curtin, Scott Garbini, Jason Catala, Zachary Leavy, Mirna Martinez and Aracelis Vazquez Haye issue an apology to the Italian immigrant community for unjustly attacking Latino heritage and maligning Christopher Columbus.

There is no charge for this event; however, a small donation to American Liberty Center to offset costs would be appreciated. 
Lori Hopkins-Cavanagh
Political Commentator
Radio Talk Show Host

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