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My People Are Destroyed For Lack of Knowledge...Hosea 4:6

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A guest blog from Donna Ziccardi

     Last week I saw the movie, “TRUTH”.  In a world of deceit, this movie gives me the courage to go forward with the “TRUTH”.  Dan Rather was all about the TRUTH.  And because of weak minded people and the “strong arm” of the Bush Crime Family, he lost his job for telling the TRUTH.  When our society becomes so corrupt as to censor the truth, We the People lose our Free Speech, our sovereignty and our form of government.  We need to have the “courage” to fight against a corrupt and deceptive narrative.  Mr. Rather closed each newscast with the inspirational word, “Courage”.  As he did with his very last news broadcast.

     Today’s Media is controlled, bought and paid for by Luciferian Globalists, who are out to destroy everything that is good and of God in this country and world, create chaos and then usher in their New World Order.  A One World Government, one World Religion and One World Currency, that will result in Feudalism, leading to the destruction of humanity through Transhumanism.  We are in a Spiritual War between Good and Evil.  Some Local Villagers are offended when I say that, I wonder why.  What are they hiding?

    Both Democrats and Republicans in government are colluding to bring down this country, create division and civil unrest, taking orders from the confirmed NAZI, George Soros, to LIE to the public.  To paint a false narrative (picture) of the truth in hopes that YOU will believe the lies(story) they want you to believe.  In other words, play the public as “stooges”.  But you will not get these facts from Main Stream Media (MSM) or your establishment newspapers because they are all owned and told what to say and what to report by large corporations and billionaires that are beholden to, and some blackmailed by, the Globalist Cabal and international bankers that are running this country and world and your very lives.  The corporate owned media, funded by foreign banks, are ORDERED to “lie” and “invert reality”.  And that is exactly what they do and you believe these lies.  Why?  Because you are so brainwashed into thinking if you hear it on “the News” it must be true.

     President Trump was duly elected by the people of this country, according to the Constitution, the Law of the Land but that was not suppose of happen.  The plan was for Hillary to win and 2017 was supposed to be the year America was to “fall”.   George Soros, the puppet master for the Globalists, vows to “take Trump out” by any means possible.  Whether it be by impeachment, assassination or deem him incompetent to govern.  They falsely call Trump a bully and hateful, but want him beheaded and shot.  The attacks even spill over to his 11 year old son and gracious First Lady.  Who is really promoting “hate”?  Who are the true “bullies” here?  They accuse Trump and his supporters of being racist but chant on college campuses death to “white” people, death to America.  Who are the Racists and Fascists?  Who is really creating division in this country?  Colleges are now institutions for creating anarchists instead of places of learning.  And like the Bible quote in the title states, we will all parish for a lack of knowledge.

     Politicians on both sides of the isle want Trump out because he is destroying their plans to collapse this country, so they resort to name calling and character assassination.  Trump wants to restore law and order, build up the economy and create jobs, and most of all, protect and preserve our freedoms and what is wrong with that?  This is not what the establishment wants.  And YOU thought YOU called the shots.  That YOU ran this country.  Well you don’t.  You do not matter to your elected officials.  They just use you as “useful idiots” and that is exactly what they call you.

      The Charlottesville Riots was a “Gladio B Staged Event” by the Left, providing and controlling rioters on both sides, while blaming everything on Trump and his supporters.  More lies.  A week before the Charlottesville Riots, there was an ad on Craig’s List for actors to take part in riots and demonstrations in Charlottesville, Virginia.  Just go to or dial 1-800-HIRE-A-CROWD, and you too can organize a riot on both sides, and blame it on Trump.  $25/hour, cash plus travel pay.   Where is the integrity among our elected officials?  The leaders of this country and the MSM have lost their moral compass.  But the people buying this behavior and lies are detestable as well.  Where are your ethics and  integrity?  You are becoming a violent mob just repeating the lies fed to you by corrupt politicians and the press-ti-tutes on the Evening News.  

     Police Officers are coming forward to testify that the Charlottesville Riots were “staged” by the Liberal Commies to make Trump and his supporters look like hateful Nazis.  What kind of Governor would take part in such a dangerous, illegal plot?  What kind of “evil” orders his police to stand down while people are being beaten, pepper sprayed, attacked with bags of urine and feces and even killed?  Governor Terry McAuliffe is a modern day political psychopath who continues to lie and deceive the people of this country, proven by his lack of conscience and value for life, putting hundreds of people in danger.  These are the people who say Trump is not fit to hold office yet they have no problem lying to the public, even if it costs lives and misleading the people of this country.  So I ask you, who is it that is not fit to govern?  

     Another George Soros funded “rent a mob company” is “Run a Mob”.  They paid “lowlifes” $50/hour to riot and create a civil disturbance outside the arena in Phoenix that was hosting a Trump Rally.  These paid mercenaries are given a script of what to say, chant and scream and a “rule book” on how to agitate and attack Trump supporters while the media lies and distorts reality to make it look like TRUMP is at fault.  If you ask them how many upcoming events they are planning, the answer as of last night was for the next 3-1/2 years.  Snopes falsely claims these rent a mobs are a hoax or not proven so for the skeptic out there…  

     And what if I told you, the UNITE the RIGHT organizer is none other than Jason Kessler, Obama and Hillary supporter, involved in the “Occupy Movements” and writer for CNN.  These riots that are blamed on Trump for being a RACIST and for dividing this country, are really the diabolical plot of The Left.  All staged.  All FAKE.  All inverting reality, which is a Satanic Tactic.  When you take part in such deception, even as a spectator, you open doorways for demonic possession.

    The “lie” about Russian Collusion did not work, trying to accuse Trump of being a racist does not work, so now politicians are trying to tell the public that TRUMP is mentally unfit to govern, while Sitting Senators are saying they will assassinate him, college students are knocking down statues, and just today ESPN fired an employee for having the name Robert Lee.  Who has the mental problem and who is spreading “hate” and racism?  Last year, some Local Villagers came unglued when I stated Progressive Liberalism is a Mental Illness.  Well it is.  Based on the behavior of our elected officials, the media, college students and professors, Dr Steve R. Pieczenik, MD, Phd, retired State Department Official and chief psychiatrist for the CIA states that based on the actions of today’s liberals and members of the left, he
classifies them as mentally ill.  He also evaluates Trump as being mentally healthy and stable.

     My focus is not on Trump but on the TRUTH!  When you lie and deceive……..

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