Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Stratfor: North Korea not Backing Down

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North Korea: No, Pyongyang Has Not Backed Down on Its Guam Threat

Is North Korea really "backing down" on its plan of action for a missile test in the direction of Guam? The country's military briefed President Kim Jong Un... angle 




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When Moscow Plays War Games, It Thinks a Few Steps Ahead

In the grand standoff between Russia and the West, one of the strategic messages that Moscow regularly sends its adversaries comes by way of military drills. angle 
In the Race Between Turkey and the UAE, Somalia Wins
With a new military camp in Somalia, Turkey is strengthening its ties to the East African country while extending its reach as a regional power. Turkish forces are expected... angle
An Inside Look at Saudi Forces Clearing a Shiite Village
One of the most strategically significant areas of Saudi Arabia is its Eastern Province. Most of the country's oil and natural gas resources are clustered...angle 
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SXSW Presentation Voting Is Underway!Help include geopolitical insight at SXSW 2018 by voting to include these Stratfor panel proposals. angle
Podcast: Conversation With Brad Thor on Carlos the Jackal and Counterterrorism
In this episode of the podcast, Stratfor’s Fred Burton discusses counterterrorism and shares his story about Carlos the Jackal with New York Times bestselling author Brad Thor. They also discuss Thor’s latest book, Use of Forceangle
Canada's Geographic Challenge
Stratfor explains Canada's primary geographic challenge of unifying its dispersed population across its vast territory. angle

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Russia and the West Collide
Since its emergence as an organized state, Russia has collided with the West. The latest manifestation of this collision is in Ukraine, where Russia's desire for influence is as old as the Russian state itself. This report examines the broad sweep of the collision. angle
A Russian Troika
After a decade of post-Soviet decline, the Russian bear came roaring back under Vladimir Putin. This collection explores what underpins Kremlin power and major fault lines with the West. angle

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