Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Ohio VFW Pulls Browns Games After Team Protests the Anthem on Monday Night Football

Photo from Facebook
From Breitbart News,
by Dylan Gwinn

The Cleveland Browns, and their fans, can’t have nice things. Mainly because they make terrible decisions and unforced errors that result in failure and fan disillusionment. Now, they’ve done it again.

In response to the large, twelve-player protest the Browns staged on Monday Night Football, a protest that for the first time included a white player. A local Veterans of Foreign Wars Post in Strongsville, Ohio, has said that they will no longer air Browns games on the weekend.

Tim Zvoncheck, commander of Post 3345, told WKYC that he appreciates the rights of people to speak out. However, he feels the way the players have chosen to express themselves, crosses a line.

“For us, it doesn’t sit real well. We understand that everybody has the right to free speech. Everybody has a right to their specific feelings. But we don’t feel they have the right to disrespect… we’re not going to stand for this anymore.

“We fought for the rights of everybody in this country. We joined the military to fight for the freedom of speech and the right to bear arms. We respect that. 
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