Saturday, August 05, 2017

MIDDLETOWN: The Budget Battle Ensues

A budget discussion recently ensued on the Face Book page of Councilman Deb Kleckowski.  The following is my comparison of the last budget submitted by a Republican mayor, Mayor Sebastian Guiliano.  You tell me; which do you think is more responsible, realistic and preferable?

In Mayor Sebastian Giuliano last proposed budget, he lays out the following summary in a clear and neat fashion:

The proposed 2011-12 budget allocates funding as follows:
$69,550,000 – Board of Education
$ 5,948,931 – Education Debt/Interest
$48,849,209 – General Government
$ 5,800,553 – General Government Debt/Interest
$130,148,693 – TOTAL BUDGET

In 2011, tax revenue covered 71% of the total budget and education 53.5%. Total ytd tax revenue were $93,141,307.

In Drew's budget proposal for FY 2017/18, he doesn't even bother to summarize it, he merely refers you back to the entire 110 pg budget. The grand total is $189,497,277. In order to find the education portion of the budget, you have to wade down to page 79. That portion is $82,025,223, while total tax revenue ytd is $107,633,700.
Under the control of Dan Drew and the Democrat dominated City Council and Board of Education, the city budget has increased by 45.6%, since 2011. ( Have you had a 45.6% increase in YOUR budget in just six years? How did you pay for it without a corresponding increase in income?)

School board spending has increased 17.93%, while school population has dropped, comprising 43.28% of the budget.

Tax revenue went up by 15.5%, while businesses closed and people moved out of state. In other words, fewer people are forced to cover a greater tax burden.

Tax revenue now only covers 56.79%, a decrease of 14.21%. That money is going to have to come from state or federal aid, or bonding, which means more debt.


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