Friday, July 28, 2017

Zeroed In - Three planks for a good party

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John Kilian
Zeroed In

I have zeroed in on an agenda worthy of bringing to the attention of my neighbors, the general public My three shots are within a quarter's circumference about the intersection of public health and human liberty. The three already proposed statutes that will define my exploratory committee are:

A) Proposed H.B. No. 6024 Death with dignity
B) Proposed HB 7314 Taxing Soda
C)  Proposed HB 5314 Legalization of Cannabis.

As a Registered Nurse, it is a responsibility of mine to advocate for public policies that improve public health. To do so effectively, I see the need to become involved in the nomination process of the General Assembly.

If these three pieces of proposed legislation were to be signed into law, the need for this campaign could conclude without further ado, funds raised would go to pay for a good band, and celebration had for the success of the effort. But that is wishful thinking. With a liberal State Rep likely to vacate his seat and a conservative State Senator likely to remain (even though I think Paul Doyle could be an excellent Treasurer or Comptroller for Connecticut), my current representatives in Hartford may be little help in getting these three bills passed and signed into law.

That being the case, I will be recruiting support towards getting my representatives in Hartford to represent what I am convinced are the best interests of the public on matters of health and liberty.


John Kilian, RN

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