Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Stratfor - 2017 Third-Quarter Forecast

June 28, 2017

The Brief

 A Reality Check on the “U.S. Retreat” from the Global Stage, Next Steps in Trade Battles, Outlook for Global Energy Markets, A GCC Crisis and Escalating Proxy Wars in the Middle East, China's Balancing Act on North Korea, the U.S. and Economic Reform, The Limits to the U.S.-Russia Dialogue, Europe's Temporary Reprieve... angle 



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Essential Reading
Russia Scuttles Its Grand Marinetime Dreams angle
Russia's military modernization efforts are entering a critical stage. The plan will determine not only country's weaponry capabilities but also...
Paris and Beyond: A Climate Change Accord Without the U.S. angle How critical is the U.S. withdraw to global climate action? And what will be its impact international system?...

Sandwiched between Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan it seems almost miraculous that Iran hasn't suffered a major act of domestic terrorism. But that changed on June 7th when...   
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Podcast: A General Challenge to Russian Influence
In this episode, we take a look at the generational forces driving recent protests across Russia. angle
Stratfor explains how France's natural geographic barriers have helped protect the country at all points at all it's border except one: the North European Plain. angle

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Stratfor Store Reports

Geography and the Successful Militant Hideout  
What is it that has allowed militant groups like the Taliban to evade destruction at the hands of vastly stronger forces? angle
The Geopolitics of France
This monograph explains how while France is nearly always engaged in Europe, it is only rarely ascendant. angle

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