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Second Response to “Sharia Law Isn’t a Problem for Connecticut”

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Editors Note:  Yesterday, we published a rebuttal to Journal Inquire editor Chris Powell's editorial “Sharia Law Isn’t a Problem for Connecticut” by Dot Cutter.

Based on his editorial, Mr. Powell seems to think the violence perpetrated by Islamic terrorists is only directed toward other Muslims, calling it a "civil war". He goes on to blame this "civil war" apparently on youthful indiscretion or growing pains, saying it is 2,000 years younger that Judaism, and 600 years younger that Christianity and "Islam isn't done with its civil war yet".

Today, Jane Bate, Act for America member writes:

In referring to the ACT for America June 10th rally in Waterbury, you state that “some people” are determined to suggest that all followers of Islam are bad. It is patently obvious that: a) you did not attend the rally; b) you have no knowledge of Islam and the all-pervasive threat of death for apostasy (not to mention the many other egregious human rights abuses); and c) you have not even cursory knowledge of the mission of ACT for America (available at

You also state that no one in CT is seeking to implement sharia law here. Perhaps you’re not familiar with the fact that CT, for a number of years, hosted the annual ICNA-MAS conference, an assembly of two Muslim Brotherhood organizations dedicated to the destruction of all manmade law and the implementation of sharia in its place. Attendance at these events runs around 15,000 per year; why do you suppose ICNA would have located this event in CT if no one in CT ever attended? Here’s a video of part of the most recent ISNA-MAS conference:…/15000-muslims-to-assemble-in-ct-…/

Perhaps you made the mistake of asking a practicing Muslim whether any CT Muslims are advocating sharia. In that case, you need to look up ‘taqiyya,’ a term meaning religiously obligatory deception of non-Muslims for the purpose of spreading Islam/sharia. ‘Taqiyya’ runs rampant in CT.
Additionally, you assert that Sharia is no more a threat to democracy than Christian or Jewish law is. Perhaps you are unacquainted with the Reliance of the Traveller, the best known and best organized compendium of Sharia. You’ll find the death for apostasy rule in section o8.1; in section o8.2 you’ll discover the many actions that can trigger that death penalty, including the mere questioning of any tenet of Islam. The Reliance also details the necessity of killing gays, permission to marry prepubescent girls (who may then be legally beaten by their husbands), the obligatory nature of jihad and of female circumcision. Does any of this sound like present day Christian or Jewish law? This IS present day Islamic law since, unlike Christianity and Judaism, Islam has never undergone a reformation. And do those Islamic laws sound like they comport with our Constitution? I assure you that they – and many more sharia rulings – do not. And that is why ACT for America focused our rally on the human rights abuses in sharia, and not on bad-mouthing Muslims in general. Oh! And you mentioned gun laws in your article; are you aware that, under sharia, only Muslims may be armed? Are you okay with that?

Lastly, you state correctly that “Civilization’s urgent agenda must be to help the good guys.” I couldn’t agree more! We at ACT for America see the victims of sharia – both Muslims and non-Muslims - as the good guys who desperately need our help. If you were about to be killed, say, for blasphemy, wouldn’t you wish we’d help you? How on earth will our silence on these horrific abuses and our insistence that Islam is just like Christianity or Judaism help the victims? I can only see our silence providing encouragement to the abusers, while also providing them with an ever growing number of potential victims. (Witness the growing number of sexual and deadly crimes in Europe).
Contrary to your assertions, ACT for America does not vilify all Muslims; in fact, we work with both former Muslims and practicing Muslims intent upon reforming Islam and ridding it of such horrors as beheadings, crucifixions, slavery, forced conversions, and the like. We believe silence only encourages the abusers within Islam. Our goal is freedom as guaranteed by our Constitution for all – Muslim and non-Muslim - and we have no plans to stop our efforts toward that end.

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