Sunday, July 30, 2017

Hartford Insiders Siding with Big Labor Interests, Again

Photo from Trumbull Daily Voice
This week insiders in Hartford rammed through a massive big labor deal proposed by Gov. Dan Malloy that would all but guarantee Connecticut remains mired in decline for years to come.

Once again out of touch insiders under the Gold Dome have voted to protect big labor special interests at the expense of struggling Connecticut taxpayers.

The forced passage of this bargain in the House was all the more insulting to hardworking families since the Speaker of the House is actually employed by big labor special interests and rammed this smoke and mirrors deal through while pretending he did not have not a conflict of interest.

Union Joe, as I call the Speaker, was so eager to force this bogus deal through he wouldn't even wait for a full report on its impact from the nonpartisan Office of Fiscal Analysis. I think that shows pretty well where the Speaker's priorities lie.

This bad deal leaves in place and extends the status quo that has driven Connecticut to fiscal ruin. It ties the hands of future reformers and widens the gap between state workers and the rest of struggling Connecticut workers, families and retirees.

We continue to have over $48 billion in unfunded liabilities hanging over Connecticut's economy and that albatross will continue to erode opportunity, suppress wages, kill jobs and keep us mired in fiscal crisis until we elect proven reformers and Hartford outsiders willing to tackle this challenge head on.
There is still a chance to stop this bad deal and push for true reform that puts struggling Connecticut families first, without raising taxes.

It is absolutely essential that senators, in both parties, get the message that if we are to pull our state out of this self-inflicted economic tailspin they need to kill this bogus deal.
Any senator who votes for this so-called concession package is voting for future tax increases, voting to keep Connecticut in decline and siding with big labor special interests over struggling Connecticut families.

If you agree, contact your senator now, tell them to stand up for Connecticut taxpayers and reject this bad deal.

Thank you for your support.


Tim Herbst
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