Monday, June 19, 2017

Stratfor - Russia Finds Out Who Its Friends Are


June 12, 2017

The Brief



The annual Levada poll has traditionally been a good reflection of Russia's global standing and of the Kremlin's relationship with the Russian public. This year's results offer particular insight. angle 
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Essential Reading
Should the U.S. Government Negotiate for Hostages? angleA study on ransom payments found that kidnapped Americans are more likely to die than other Westerners.
Sudan's Struggle to Win U.S. Approval angle 
Khartoum has been working to turn a new leaf in international relations, and the potential lifting of sanctions may help it along.

Red China Goes Green angle The strategic gains that stricter environmental policies promise may help Beijing implement them more quickly. 

 Watch and Listen

This episode explores the geopolitics of baseball with Professors Tolga Ozyurtcu and Thomas Hunt from the Department of Kinesiology and Health Education at The University of Texas at Austin, regular contributors to Stratfor Worldview’s series on the geopolitics of sports. angle
Russia's Geographic Challenge
Stratfor explains the geographic impetus behind Russia's need for regional dominance and its implications for global politics. angle

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Stratfor Store Reports

The Geopolitics of Maritime Chokepoints  
This report explores 11 of the world's most important chokepoints, each of which plays a vital role in geopoliticsangle
Mapping Out the Trump Era  In this report, Stratfor cuts through the noise to show that geopolitics trumps politics. angle

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