Thursday, June 01, 2017

Stratfor - The democratic recession, what drives terrorism, the Venezuelan crisis


The Brief

The Forces Driving Democratic Recession

Liberal democracy is in retreat across the globe. Following decades of expansion since the 1950s, the spread of democracy hit a wall in the new millennium. Freedom House, using carefully crafted metrics, has measured a decline in democracy and freedom worldwide. angle




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Essential Reading

What Drives Terrorism Part 4: Technology angleTechnological advances can help terrorist planners not only outmaneuver counterterrorism forces, but also launch new kinds of strikes that their targets are not prepared for.
In Afghanistan, a Conflict With No Time Limit angle 
Until the country addresses the factors underlying its 15-year war, no amount of foreign support will hasten peace.

Hydrogen: Tapping the Tiniest Element's Outsize Power angle 
From dirigibles to thermonuclear bombs to fuel cells, hydrogen's contribution to geopolitics is hard to overstate.


Watch and Listen

Crisis in Venezuela Stratfor Latin America Analyst Reggie Thompson joins the podcast to offer some context on exactly how things are changing in Venezuela and what that country’s future looks like. Then from Venezuela, we’ll turn to China for a conversation about our latest series on Stratfor Worldview. angle
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What We Know About the Manchester Attack
Stratfor Vice President of Tactical Analysis Scott Stewart examines the Manchester concert bombing in the context of recent attacks against other soft targets. angle
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Stratfor Store Reports

China: Leading the Way to a New World Order?
China is in the midst of an epochal transformation with massive geopolitical impacts. This report explores the role China may come to play in the international order over the next 15 years. angle 
The Intelligence Method  In making its geopolitical forecasts, Stratfor employs tactical deconstruction and constraints-based analysis. This report illustrates our method using scenarios based on a hypothetical Israeli strike on Iran and a full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine proper. angle

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