Sunday, June 11, 2017

Oath-Breaking FOP Leadership Widens 'Us vs. Them' Divide with Opposition to Ohio Gun Bills

FOP leadership has President Donald Trump's ear. Shouldn't Oath Keeper FOP members have theirs? [White House photo]

by David Codrea

"Representatives Ron Hood (R-78) and Tom Brinkman (R-27) have introduced House Bill 201, a bill which seeks to have Ohio join the growing number of states which allow 'constitutional' carry, or lawful carry of a concealed firearm without a license," Buckeye Firearms Association announced. "Similar bills have been proposed in Ohio in every General Assembly for more than a decade."

It's a pretty good bill, and I'm happy to see my representative is a co-sponsor. My main beef is the presumption that it "grants the person the same right to carry a concealed handgun in this state as a person who was issued a concealed handgun license."
Rights that are granted are mere privileges that can be bestowed or withheld as rulers find expedient. It's easy to see how lawmakers think that though, with so many gun owners and their advocacy groups having accepted the Faustian bargain of "permits." Still, HB201 does present a major incremental gain even if some in power look at it as something they're giving us.
So will it pass this time? If it doesn't, Republicans will need to do some serious explaining on how a 65 to 34 House majority, a 33 to 10 Senate majority and an NRA "A"-rated governor could so totally let supporters down.

Opposition, of course, will be strong and loud, with the media acting as amplifier for voices giving the same dire (and long proven false) "blood in the streets" warnings. And one of the most influential (and strident) of those is "The Voice of Our Nation's Law Enforcement Officers," theFraternal Order of Police.
"Michael Weinman, director of governmental affairs with the Fraternal Order of Police, said the organization opposes the legislation," The Canton Repository reports.
"Weinman said firearms training, currently necessitated by the licensing process, should be required of concealed-carry holders," the report elaborates. "The police union opposes the bill.
"We're very leery of ... what crimes you'd be allowed to carry with," Weinman is quoted. "Does it open it up for people who assaulted police officers to be able to now carry?"

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