Tuesday, June 27, 2017

NumbersUSA Weekly Newsletter- This Issue: It's time for a House vote on the Davis-Oliver Act -- Take Action TODAY!

New Actions
Chris Chmielenski
Fri, Jun 23th
On the campaign trail, President Trump listed the Davis-Oliver Act as one of his top priorities in his effort to end illegal immigration.
The House Judiciary Committee recently marked up the Davis-Oliver Act and reported it out of Committee for a possible floor vote. This common-sense legislation (H.R. 2431) would strengthen interior enforcement, keep more criminal aliens off the street, and allow states and communities to pass and enforce immigration laws in line with federal statutes.
But our Capitol Hill sources are learning of a possible plan to break apart the Davis-Oliver Act into smaller pieces and bring some of those pieces to the floor for a vote instead of the larger bill.
According to our sources, the plan would be to start with a weakened version of Kate's Law -- legislation that originally required mandatory jail time. But we're hearing that the mandatory jail time would be stripped from the bill that ultimately reaches the House floor. We have yet to learn what other pieces of the Davis-Oliver Act, or some version of it, they intend to bring up.
In response, our Hill Team sent the following message to Congress last night:
NumbersUSA Does Not Support Kate's Law as a Stand-Alone Bill

Kate's Law is purely a messaging bill. Sadly, it will do nothing to ensure that innocent Americans are not victimized by criminal aliens in the future. The House of Representatives owes the American people a vote on the Davis-Oliver Act, H.R. 2431, a common-sense interior enforcement bill that has been reported favorably by the House Judiciary Committee in this Congress as well as the previous two.
We need your urgent activism today! Will you help?
There are three immediate actions you can take:
1) Call House Speaker Paul Ryan and Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy.
Speaker Ryan -- (202) 225-0600
Leader McCarthy -- (202) 225-4000
When you call, please urge Speaker Ryan and Leader McCarthy to bring the Davis-Oliver Act, H.R. 2431, as passed by the House Judiciary Committee, to the House floor for a vote before the August recess. This common-sense legislation is a top priority for President Trump and would take important steps to strengthen interior enforcement and increase public safety.
2) Send a Tweet to Speaker Ryan and Leader McCarthy. If you have a Twitter account, and you're willing to use it for your activism efforts, please click on each of the Tweets below, urging Speaker Ryan and Leader McCarthy to bring the Davis-Oliver Act for a vote before the August recess.
3) Send a Message to Speaker Ryan and Leader McCarthy. Click on the red button below to send a message to both Speaker Ryan and Leader McCarthy. Feel free to personalize your message by editing the text in the text box.
Message GOP Leaders
or click
Strengthening immigration enforcement is widely supported across the political spectrum, and the Davis-Oliver Act is the best bill to provide local law enforcement willing to help in the enforcement of federal immigration laws the tools that they need to be successful. Further, the bill takes significant steps to end sanctuary jurisdictions that refuse to cooperate with Immigration and Customs Enforcement. This legislation has been passed in each of the last three Congresses by the House Judiciary Committee, and it's time that House Leaders give it the vote that it deserves on the House floor.
Please join our effort today to pressure Congress to hold a floor vote on the Davis-Oliver Act before the August recess!

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