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F Stands for Fail: Washington Post Flip-Flops on Suppressors 

NRA-ILA: Institute for Legislative Action

The Washington Post -- in one of its rare reversions to journalism – recently issued a fact check that handed Americans for Responsible Solutions and Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) three Pinocchios for overstating the noise-canceling properties of firearm suppressors. “There is little that’s quiet about a firearm with a silencer, unless one also thinks a jackhammer is quiet,” the report concluded. 
Kim Kardashian Attacks Civil Rights and the Disabled, Spews Ignorance on Behalf of Bloomberg’s Everytown
Kim Kardashian Attacks Civil Rights and the Disabled, Spews Ignorance on Behalf of Bloomberg’s Everytown
Kim Kardashian West’s father was California businessman and attorney Robert Kardashian. It is a minor tragedy that Kardashian West did not follow her father into the law. Had she done so, America might have been spared the reality TV celebrity’s inane and relentless self-promotion. For certain we would have been spared her most recent ignorant outburst on U.S. gun law.
Rep. Rob Bishop Introduces the
Rep. Rob Bishop Introduces the "Lawful Purpose and Self Defense Act"
On Wednesday, May 24, 2017, Chairman of the House Committee on Natural Resources Rob Bishop (R-UT) introduced H.R. 2620, the "Lawful Purpose and Self Defense Act." This bill would remove ATF's authority to use the "sporting purposes" clauses in federal law in ways that could undermine the core purpose of the Second Amendment. Under Chairman Bishop’s legislation, all lawful purposes – including self-defense – would have to be given due consideration and respect in the administration of federal firearms law.
Still Too Many Guns?! UK Gun Controllers Full-Steam Ahead
Still Too Many Guns?! UK Gun Controllers Full-Steam Ahead
In the U.S., sophisticated gun control advocates are careful to disguise their near-term aims as “common sense” reforms or “reasonable” gun safety measures. But what happens when all of these so-called “common sense” controls have been enacted? Will gun control advocates acknowledge their victory and permit the few remaining gun owners to live in peace? If recent experience in the United Kingdom is any indication, gun control advocates will not stop short of demanding total civilian disarmament.
Hunters Take Note: New Rules for Travelers to South Africa with Firearms
Hunters Take Note: New Rules for Travelers to South Africa with Firearms
South Africa is a popular destination for American big game hunters. Those planning to travel to South Africa with their own firearms, however, should be aware of some recent changes South African authorities have made to procedures for temporarily importing firearms. 


Arizona Arizona
Come to Tombstone on Saturday, July 1, for "Freedom Days, A Celebration of the American Experience!" with Medal of Honor Recipient Drew Dennis Dix as the Grand Parade Marshal!
California California
California: Senate Passes Bill to Increase Storage Requirements for Dealers - Assembly Passes Pro-Hunting Legislation
Florida Florida
Florida Alert! Prosecutors Lobbying Governor for Veto of Burden of Proof Bill
Illinois Illinois
Illinois: Legislature Forgoes Official Adjournment to Continue Budget Debate
Kansas Kansas
Kansas: House Approves Gun Control Legislation, Sends it to the Governor
Michigan Michigan
Michigan: Constitutional/Permitless Carry Legislation Passes House Committee
North Carolina North Carolina
North Carolina: Omnibus Pro-Gun Bill Headed to House Floor
Pennsylvania Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania: “Universal” Background Check Bill Introduced in the General Assembly
Texas Texas
Texas Legislature Adjourns Sine Die After Passing Numerous Pro-Gun Bills
Utah Utah
Utah Agency Proposes Substantial Increase in Concealed Firearm Permit Fees

NRA-ILA: Institute for Legislative Action
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