Friday, June 09, 2017

A New Direction for Connecticut - General Assembly Session Over; Back in Session

New Direction[2]
State Senator Joe Markley offers an update on the 2017 session of the CT General Assembly.

Every day I hear from people across our state that are struggling to make ends meet. People are overtaxed, jobs are scarce, and opportunities are few and far between.

I have heard these concerns over and over again. Now I am taking a stand.

Our state is facing significant financial challenges which are hurting our economy and therefore hurting our residents. That’s why we need to change course.

Here’s how you can help: Sign the Petition to stand in support of a new direction for Connecticut.

As state lawmakers look for ways to address the state’s $5 billion budget deficit, I have worked with fellow Republican senators to put forward a fully balanced budget with no new taxes, with necessary spending reductions, and with significant structural changes to government. With those changes, we can restore confidence in Connecticut. With confidence, we can strengthen our economy, attract businesses, and grow jobs and opportunities to help all families.

Help me urge state leaders and lawmakers to support the ideas we have put forward in our budget proposal as lawmakers continue budget negotiations at the state Capitol.

Want to learn more? Visit for all the details.

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